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Welcome late night visitors. Tonight you will be rewarded for your insomnia with some backroom rumors, whispers, and predictions. The first rumor tonight is a possible new cast member, our thanks to @supergirlmb for the tip. Faran Tahir, of Star Trek fame (He was the captian on father Kirk's ship, the Kelvin) may be added to the cast. Faran has been added to the IMDB cast list for Supergirl. He has no character position. Now, we know that all audition videos contain potential script lines, not necessary finished script lines. But that said, if the dialogue for "The Lumberjack" is correct we think that Faran Tahir, could be a shadowy villain figure. Visit our Spoilers Page for more info on that. Also on that note, IMDB is like Wikipedia, anyone can make edits so this could be completely false. Our usual sources were unable to confirm this for us.

Next up, insights into young Kara and Alura's roles. For our fans that watch Arrow, you know there are common flashbacks every episode. On Febraury 20th we learned that Laura Benanti was cast as Alura-El, Kara's biological mother. Some speculation has been that Alura will be a hologram like figure in the way that Jor-El was on Man of Steel. Well actually, there might be something to this show having flash backs on Krypton like Arrow does with Oliver's disappearance. According to IMDB, the crew has hired a studio teacher, Laura Galinson. This is a teacher for children under 18. They wouldn't hire a teacher just for a few days of filming. We also have seen two young Kara audition videos so we believe there will be a young Kara on the show. So if there is a teacher, and Alura-El is going to be on the show, instead of having Alura as a Jor-El type figure, there might be extended flashbacks on Krypton that include a 12 year old Kara.

Thirdly, we mentioned before that Jeremy Jordan has been added to the cast but as a guest star. Jeremy has had some recent success with the movie business so some thoughts are out there that his role in the show is being toned down for scheduling reasons.

Finally, some of our excellent sources at have given us a solid prediction. Michael Barrett will probably take up the position of Director of Photography. A Director of Photography is concerned with the camera and lighting crews working on a film, television production or other live action piece and is responsible for achieving artistic and technical decisions related to the image. This position doesn't tell the actors how to act but will help visualize the scene as a whole. Micheal Barret has worked on Ted and Ted 2 as well as Battle of the Year.

 Lots of meat on the plate for such a late night snack. Most excitedly, Faran Tahir joining the cast could be some amazing villainy. Tell us what you think about these rumors. Any chance we are right? Comment section is below

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