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  1. Golden Girl ~ Ladyhawke [Listen Here You Tube] Kara gets ready for her date with James.
  1. No Songs Featured
  1. Here You Come Again ~ Dolly Parton [Listen Here You Tube] This is played in the bar when Alex and Maggie first entered looking for clues.
  2. Islands in the Stream ~ Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers [Listen Here You Tube] Alex roughs up the alien for clues on Maggie in the bar.
  3. Since You Put Me Down ~ Margo Price [Listen Here You Tube] Yet another bar tune played when J'onn goes out to the bar and finds M'gann.
  1. Free ~ Broods [Listen Here You Tube] Alex and Maggie meet to head into Roulette's fight club.
  2. Dead Man's Party ~ Oingo Boingo [Listen Here You Tube] Paying in the bar that Mon-El and Winn go to that turns into a drinking extravaganza.
  1. Way Down We Go ~ Kaleo [Listen Here You Tube] Alex has a heartfelt talk with Maggie expressing her feelings.
  2. Youth ~ Glass Animals [Listen Here You Tube] Maggie shares that her girlfriend and her broke up recently.
  1. The Less I Know The Better ~ Tame Impala [Listen Here You Tube] Plays during the episode opening with almost everyone at the alien bar.
  2. Surrender ~ Tor Miller [Listen Here You Tube] Alex races to the alien bar to plead with M'Gann to get her help.
  3. Dancing on the Sun ~ Bahari [Listen Here You Tube] Alex tells Maggie she came out to Kara and then plants one on Maggie!
  1. Never Going Back ~ Caveman [Listen Here You Tube] Heard in the alien bar when the gang is hanging out talking about The Guardian.
  2. Welcome to Your Life ~ Grouplove [Listen Here You Tube] This songs plays when the group welcomes Mon-El back at Kara's appartment.
  1. Home ~ Martinez and Guthrie [Listen Here You Tube] Kara cooks a frozen turkey in 5 seconds!
  2. Smooth ~ Jess Delgado [Listen Here You Tube] The still unnamed alien bar plays this while Mon-El is hanging out and mistakes Cyborg Superman for J'onn.
  3. Coming Home ~ Sigma & Rita Ora [Listen Here You Tube] Maggie and Alex finally have their moment now that they are on the same page!