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SUPERMAN: He's the world's most recognized hero. Known to Earth as Superman, Clark to his friends, and Kal-El to his family, Superman was rocketed to Earth escaping Krypton's destruction just as his cousin, Supergirl did. Upon his arrival as just a baby we has found by the Kents and raised as their own. His cousin, Kara, was meant to be there with him as she was 12 years old at the time but was delayed being caught up on her way there. By the time young Kara arrived, Kal had already grown up to become Superman! With over a decade of being the Man of Steel, he is overjoyed that his cousin made the moral choice of helping humanity by becoming Supergirl!

Snapper Carr

SNAPPER CARR: A cantankerous oldman. Snapper Carr is the new Editor-in-chief at CatCo Magazine. He is frequently clashing with Kara Danvers over her reporting skills but has the ability to train her to be a great reporter. Snapper is known in the industry and a well-respected reporter who truly believes in the truth and unbiased reporting.

M'gann M'orzz

M'GANN M'ORZZ: Born and raised on the planet Mars, M'Gann hails from a warmonger race of psychic shape-shifters known as White Martians. When her people invaded the surface of their world they wiped out the peaceful race of the Green Martians in the Martian Holocaust, M'gann served as a prison guard in the Galle Crater's concentration camp. However, unlike most of the other White Martians, M'gann had a sense of honor and justice. She could not stand the slaughter of all those innocents at the hand of her kind, so she tried to free as many Green Martians as she could. Her attempt was discovered and the other guards came after her and managed to kill everyone but M'gann, who escaped from her planet and sought refuge on Earth, where she hid for centuries.

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Lena Luthor

LENA LUTHOR: At the age of four, Lena was adopted by the Luthor family. She had a difficult upbringing with her adopted mother Lillian favoring her brother Lex. However Lena was loved very much by her adopted father. Lena got along with Lex feairly well in thier childhood but as an adult, when Lex started targeting Superman, she grew concerned for his well being and tried to help him.

After her brother, Lex, was sentenced to 30 life terms in prison, Lena took over as the CEO of Luthor Corp. She moved to National City to helm the company, and immediately set about atoning for her brother's crimes.

Sam Lane

SAM LANE: Sam Lane is a general of the U.S. Army. He is also the father of Lois Lane and Lucy Lane. The General comes to National City to get Hank Henshaw to transfer Supergirl to his unit, however, Hank cannot, as she does not technically work for the D.E.O. Sam has no love for Superman or Supergirl or really any non-human. He pushes Red Tornado to fight Supergirl to the point of it's own self preservation protocol takes over. General Lane took over the D.E.O. in Henshaw's absence in episode 9. Sam Lane is played by Glenn Morshower.

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Eliza Danvers

ELIZA DANVERS: Eliza Danvers is a scientist and the mother of Alex Danvers and foster mother to Kara Danvers. Eliza helped Superman understand his powers along side her husband Jeremiah. When the D.E.O. arrived to take Kara into custody, Jeremiah gave himself up as he knew more about Superman than any other human. Its while serving with the D.E.O. that Jeremiah was killed making Eliza a widow. Eliza tends to be harder on Alex giving Kara the leeway of being from another planet. She often expects Alex to keep an eye on Kara since Kara "doesn't always know better". While Eliza truly believes in the brightness and optimism Kara brings, she isn't fully on board with her being Supergirl. She clearly loves Alex and Kara very much though. Eliza Danvers is played by Helen Slater.

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Jeremiah Danvers

JEREMIAH DANVERS: Jeremiah Danvers was a scientist and the father of Alex Danvers and the foster father of Kara Danvers. Early in Superman's career, the Danvers were the scientists that allowed Kal-El to better understand his powers. He is married to Eliza Danvers (Helen Slater) who is also a well accomplished scientist. Jeremiah was killed while protecting J'onn J'onzz from Hank Henshaw about a year after Kara came to live with the Danvers. He is highly respected by J'onn J'onzz who vowed to protect his daughters as his own before Jeremiah passed. Jeremiah Danvers is played by Dean Cain.

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Lucy Lane

LUCY LANE: Lucy Lane is Lois Lane's sister. She went to National City to visit James Olsen, arriving at CatCo Worldwide Media to see him. James and Lucy had a previous relationship in Metropolis and Lucy isn't ready to give up on James. After a brief re-courtship, Lucy and James decided to get back together. Lucy used to work for the J.A.G. but is now in the private sector living in National City. Lucy Lane is played by Jenna Dewan-Tatum.

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Maxwell Lord

MAXWELL LORD: Max's parents were government scientists, working on biological experiments. One day, they tried to report a weakness in the safety system. Their employers wouldn't listen and left the system as it was. Two months after this, a virus made it into their protective suits and caused their internal organs to melt, then their entire bodies. This incident left the young Max with a deep hatred for the government. He later explained that he tried to warn both his parents and their employers, but they wouldn't listen.

Lord created his own company later in life and became quite a successful businessman in National City. With Supergirl's arrival, Max took it upon himself to question every action the Girl of Steel ever took. Throughout season one, Max was both an adversary and an ally. His true motivations, however, still seem clouded in Mystery.

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Young Alex Danvers

YOUNG ALEX DANVERS: Young Alex is simply Chyler Leigh's Alex Danvers when Kara arrives in Midvale. She returns to the show in episode 5 Livewire, sharing a flight with Kara (Malina Weissman) right before getting caught by her parents played by Dean Cain and Helen Slater. Young Kara is played by Jordan Mazarati.

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Young Kara Zor-El

YOUNG KARA ZOR-EL: Just like our heroine, This is Kara when she is 12 years old. We've seen young Kara in a few episodes which include flashbacks to Midvale and back on Krypton! She's had scenes with Helen Slater and Dean Cain! Young Kara is played by Malina Weissman.

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ZOR-EL: Younger brother of Jor-El, husband of Alura, father of Supergirl, and paternal uncle of Superman. He is one of Krypton’s most accomplished scientists, second only to his older brother Jor-El. He is also a political leader. Zor-El is played by Robert Gant.

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Alura Zor-El

ALURA ZOR-EL: A strong noblewoman, Alura sends Kara to Earth to escape Krypton’s destruction. Her wisdom and guidance echoes across space and time, proving invaluable on Kara’s journey toward becoming Supergirl. Alura is played by Laura Benanti

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