Winn Schott Found! Cast Filled!

Wednesday is the big day! Production and filming begins on 'Supergirl'! Up until today, we were one person shy of our full regular recurring cast! Well that wait is over! Today is reporting that we can welcome Jeremy Jordan who will be playing the part of Wynn Schott. Just as a refresher, the character of Wynn is described as:

WINSLOW ‘WYNN’ SCHOTT: This twenty-something tech whiz/Comic-Con stalwart toils for CatCo. as a programmer, unaware of his own toying potential. Unware of her secret, he carries a torch for Kara, whom he lives next door to.

0099 jeremy

Of course plot details are bound to change and this very character desciption is a perfect example if the rumors on her costume are right... but we will leave that for you to investigate on our Spoilers Page.

As for the casting of Jeremy Jordan, we are thrilled. It has been an absolute joy watching the cast and crew come together and we already feel like there is a new superhero family at CBS. Rapaport Casting has done a great job getting all of these phenominal names together and now its up to Ali Adler, Greg Berlanti, Glen Miller, and Andrew Kreisberg to make us believe a girl can fly!

UPDATE: Its been pointed out by @SurfDanvers that Wynn is now being described as a guest star on both and Quite interesting, as this might lead to Wynn going "nuts" over Kara and actually becoming the Toyman. If the guest star status is true, its much easier to see how they could turn him into a villain through guest appearances rather than an everyday character.

Also, here comes that horn tooting again. We had Jeremy pegged as a possible candidate for Wynn back in February.  In fact on February 19th we tried to reach out to him and see if we could corner him on any "Super" new parts.

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Now that the primary cast is complete, what do you think? Are you pleased with the casting of our new Wynn? Also, since you've had a chance to look at the cast as a whole, are you even more excited? Let us know in the comments below!

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