1. My Way ~ Frank Sinatra [Listen Here] Plays while Lex takes out the Kasnian army!
  2. Kickstart My Heart ~ Mötley Crüe [Listen Here] Plays when Lex and Supergirl are battling, James and Ben are fighting, and Alex kicking all the butts of the Children of Liberty.
  3. St Louis Elegy ~ Mark Lanegan Band [Listen Here] This is the song in the background while the Monitor is doing all his work on Earth 38.
  1. The First Single (You Know Me) ~ The Format [Listen Here] Plays when young Kara and Alex are walking listening to new music on their shared iPod. Kara is begging Alex not to go to college so she doesn't lose her.
  1. American Woman ~ Lenny Kravitz [Listen Here] Plays in the Alien Bar when Dreamer kicks the crap out of the Agents of Liberty.
  1. My Way ~ Frank Sinatra [Listen Here] Plays while Lex takes out his judge and jury!
  2. Spartacus and Phrygia ~ St. Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra [Listen Here] Plays when Red Daughter is out seeing nature for the first time.
  3. Jazz Suite No. 2: VI. Waltz 2 ~ Shostakovich [Listen Here] Red Daughter is reading books that Lex sent.
  4. Revolutionary ~ Robert Delong [Listen Here] Lex and "Linda Lee" visit National City for the first time.
  1. Stuck in the Middle With You ~ Stealers Wheel [Listen Here] Plays for the Elite during the opening of the episode!
  2. Mad World ~ Gary Jules [Listen Here] plays as the March battle falls apart but aliens and humans start helping each other out.
  3. Hurricane ~ MS MR [Listen Here] Plays while Alex and Kara recap the day on the couch at the end of the episode!
  1. God Save the Queen ~ The Sex Pistols [Listen Here] Plays when Manchester is addressing the cameras in London.
  1. Nothing Breaks Like a Heart ~ Mark Ronson [Listen Here] Plays during Nia's party.
  2. Wild Kids ~ Christen O [Listen Here] Also plays during Nia's party.
  3. Bad Descision ~ Chromeo [Listen Here] Brainy analyzes the DNA in the closet.
  1. Kamikaze ~ Walk the Moon [Listen Here] Plays while Kara drives to Nia's home town.
  2. Light On ~ Maggie Rogers [Listen Here] Nia and Kara arrive at Nia's home.
  3. On the Floor ~ Electrolightz [Listen Here] Brainy takes on his Frat Boy persona.
  1. Flames ~ David Guetta & Sia [Listen Here] This is the song when Lena and Kara are working out at the gym together.
  2. Really Gone ~ CHVRCHES [Listen Here] This is the big wrap up song played at the end of the episode!
  1. Save Me ~ Remy Zero [Listen Here] Plays when we arrive in Smallville!
  1. Killing Machine ~ Tony Crown [Listen Here] Plays at the end of the episode when Ben Lockwood is being taken to prison and Supergirl flies above watching.
  1. Grace ~ Rose Cousins [Listen Here] Plays at the end of the episode when James speaks with Lena
  1. What Lovers Do ~ Maroon 5 [Listen Here] Plays when Eliza tells Alex canned cranberries aren't as good.
  2. Just Tell Me ~ Nico Yaryan [Listen Here] Plays as the group at Thanksgiving discusses humans with powers and James' infiltration of the Children of Liberty.
  1. St Louis Elegy ~ Mark Lanegan Band [Listen Here] Plays at the end of the episode.
  1. On My One ~ Jake Bugg [Listen Here] Song featured at the end of the episode with Manchester Black setting up in National City
  1. Hero Sometimes ~ Nine One One [Listen Here] Song featured in the episode 404 trailer.
  1. Trouble ~ Derek Pitts and the Bullets [Listen Here] Plays when J'onn visits the alien bar to discuss how people feel about the President stepping down.
  2. A Little Honey ~ Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats [Listen Here] Plays when Brainy and Nia are at the Pizza Place.
  1. Trickster Blues ~ RF Shannon [Listen here] Plays at the alien bar when Kara apologizes to J'onn near the end of the episode.