1. My Way ~ Frank Sinatra [Listen Here] Plays while Lex takes out his judge and jury!
  2. Spartacus and Phrygia ~ St. Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra [Listen Here] Plays when Red Daughter is out seeing nature for the first time.
  3. Jazz Suite No. 2: VI. Waltz 2 ~ Shostakovich [Listen Here] Red Daughter is reading books that Lex sent.
  4. Revolutionary ~ Robert Delong [Listen Here] Lex and "Linda Lee" visit National City for the first time.
  1. Stuck in the Middle With You ~ Stealers Wheel [Listen Here] Plays for the Elite during the opening of the episode!
  2. Mad World ~ Gary Jules [Listen Here] plays as the March battle falls apart but aliens and humans start helping each other out.
  3. Hurricane ~ MS MR [Listen Here] Plays while Alex and Kara recap the day on the couch at the end of the episode!
  1. God Save the Queen ~ The Sex Pistols [Listen Here] Plays when Manchester is addressing the cameras in London.
  1. Nothing Breaks Like a Heart ~ Mark Ronson [Listen Here] Plays during Nia's party.
  2. Wild Kids ~ Christen O [Listen Here] Also plays during Nia's party.
  3. Bad Descision ~ Chromeo [Listen Here] Brainy analyzes the DNA in the closet.
  1. Kamikaze ~ Walk the Moon [Listen Here] Plays while Kara drives to Nia's home town.
  2. Light On ~ Maggie Rogers [Listen Here] Nia and Kara arrive at Nia's home.
  3. On the Floor ~ Electrolightz [Listen Here] Brainy takes on his Frat Boy persona.
  1. Flames ~ David Guetta & Sia [Listen Here] This is the song when Lena and Kara are working out at the gym together.
  2. Really Gone ~ CHVRCHES [Listen Here] This is the big wrap up song played at the end of the episode!
  1. Save Me ~ Remy Zero [Listen Here] Plays when we arrive in Smallville!
  1. Killing Machine ~ Tony Crown [Listen Here] Plays at the end of the episode when Ben Lockwood is being taken to prison and Supergirl flies above watching.
  1. Grace ~ Rose Cousins [Listen Here] Plays at the end of the episode when James speaks with Lena
  1. What Lovers Do ~ Maroon 5 [Listen Here] Plays when Eliza tells Alex canned cranberries aren't as good.
  2. Just Tell Me ~ Nico Yaryan [Listen Here] Plays as the group at Thanksgiving discusses humans with powers and James' infiltration of the Children of Liberty.
  1. St Louis Elegy ~ Mark Lanegan Band [Listen Here] Plays at the end of the episode.
  1. On My One ~ Jake Bugg [Listen Here] Song featured at the end of the episode with Manchester Black setting up in National City
  1. Hero Sometimes ~ Nine One One [Listen Here] Song featured in the episode 404 trailer.
  1. Trouble ~ Derek Pitts and the Bullets [Listen Here] Plays when J'onn visits the alien bar to discuss how people feel about the President stepping down.
  2. A Little Honey ~ Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats [Listen Here] Plays when Brainy and Nia are at the Pizza Place.
  1. Trickster Blues ~ RF Shannon [Listen here] Plays at the alien bar when Kara apologizes to J'onn near the end of the episode.