I Believe In A Thing Called Love Recap

Our precious few episodes of Supergirl are dwindling down. That's ok though, as we are slowly coming to terms that the show is ending. Looking backward to last week, the polls did not show "Nightmare in National City" in a favorable light. First episode where no stars showed up in the top three rankings. Personally for us, we were so excited for tonight's all new episode because we are such huge fans of Jon Cryer's Lex Luthor! Having him team up with Nyxly in a villain combination that even Supergirl might need help with! The question still remains, however, is Lex truly on Nyxly's side, or will he double- cross her to get what he wants? Here's what stood out to us:

  1. Lex Luthor from the Future: Lex teams up with Nyxly, convincing her that together they will be able to complete the all stone. Lex explains he is from the future, and in that timeline, he and Nxy teamed up, but something went wrong and she nearly died. He is here to change the future. Nyxly rebuffs him, not trusting his words. Back at the tower, Alex shows Kara and J’onn the ring that she got for Kelly. Tomorrow is when she will propose to Kelly, on the day she knew she loved her, and nervously plans around the proposal. Alex goes to the bar, hoping to book it for tomorrow. The owner explains that the place is booked up, and offers to book them a different day. Lex speaks with Otis, figuring out how to have this Nyxly fall in love with him just like in the future. At night the team set a trap for Nyxly, placing the heart totem in a tree and surrounding her. Lena suppresses the totem’s powers with magic, but it’s not enough. The rest of the team attack, about to take her into containment when Lex shows up to rescue her. Before leaving, he looks at a shocked Lena and asks, “Miss me, sis?”
  2. Kryptonite Recovery: Lena and Kara disuss the battle. They just fought Lex and Nyxly and Lena is pissed. Andrea pushes William to run his Lex story but William buys 24 hours to prove it. Lex's tech looks like it came from the 31st century. Lex is time traveling. Brainy tries to use the totems as a way to protect the team. Brainy hasn't contacted the legion yet about Lex traveling to the future. J'onn and Kara think about which totem to use and the courage totem is selected. But it still has the gauntlet on it so J'onn volunteers to try.
  3. J'onn's Gauntlet: J'onn relives the genocide of the green martians and passes the gauntlet. Lex, being from the future already knows when and where the totems are and he sets Nyxly on the path for the love totem and that she'll need Lex's help. Both teams go for the totem but neither are able to get it. Kara experiences a nightmare from the dream totem. Did Lex whisk away the love totem?
  4. A Hateful Reason: The love totem is known to disappear from time when it feels hate. Nyxly's hateful reason for wanting the totem pushed it away. Through the courage gauntlet, J'onn performed differently but he still lost his daughters, and that feeling happened again when Supergirl was hit with the nightmare. Supergirl decides that she wants to use all the totems they have to fight against Lex and Nyxly. Kara asks that Lena's magic help her to keep her humanity when she uses the totems. We discover that Lex meets Nyxly in the future after she is successful with the all stone. Without her burden, she was much more receptive to Lex.
  5. A Double Cross Booking: Alex and Kelly have the same plan all along and they both booked Al's bar. Alex arrives to speak with Al but Kelly is already there to propose. The proposal summons the love totem. Lex and Nxyly arrive and Kara and J'onn begin to battle the pair. Kara uses the totems and Lena keeps her in check with her magic. They were able get Nyxly trapped but Lex jumps to her aid.

In the final wrap up moments, the love totem has turned black. Alex and Kelly resume their proposal after Alex assures the team love hasn't left this world. Nyxly is saved by Lex and it seems that his love for Nyxly is genuine. Nyxly sees Lex's actions as enough to take him as a friend and trust him. The team celebrates at the tower. Brainy saw the change in Lex and he decides to go to the future and speak with the Legion. Lex reveals that the totems can't be destroyed, they just take on a new shell. That shell for the love totem is Esme! Check out a preview for next week's all new episode below:

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#15 RE: I Believe In A Thing Called Love Recapjacksc01 2021-10-28 10:02
One thing I notice is a change in Alex's "caring" responses.

1. When Kara was hit by Lex with the kryptonite ray - when Kara awoke on the table, Lena was there. Alex hugged Kara when she came into the main room after she had recovered, but I've seen the time Alex would not have left the treatment room until Kara awoke.

2. When Kara was seeing the Phantoms - it was J'onn who comforted her. Alex was close enough in proximity where she could have helped SuperGirl but she did not. Even at the end of that scene where SuperGirl is standing off by herself still trying to get the Phantoms out of her mind, Alex would normally sense something was wrong but this time she seemed oblivious and never came over.

3. Even back in the Mxy episode, when Nyxly (after the team took care of the big cat) was choking SuperGirl, when Nyxly let go of the choke hold, it was Dreamer and J'onn who came to see if SuperGirl was okay. Alex stayed in the back and looked concern but never came forward.

These are just some of the moments that could have been more Alex-Kara enhanced but were not. I just miss the caring interactions that use to constantly exist when the two sisters were with each other. Their close interactions are not missing in every episode (i.e it was present when Andrea called Kara and told her about missing the interviews and Alex came over to see if everything was okay. It was also present when Alex and Kara were sitting together on the floor in front of the sofa and Kara told Alex about the Phantom Zone. It was also present when the psychic link between Supergirl and Nyxly took place and Kara dropped out of the sky - Alex was right there when she awoke); however, when it is missing, it happens in enough episodes where it is noticeable to me.
#14 RE: I Believe In A Thing Called Love Recapdaryl772003 2021-10-27 20:40
Quoting CatPat:
I can't help but wonder if other Al succumbed... one of those annoying post Crisis dangling threads.

i want to know what happened to his doppleganger too
+1 #13 RE: I Believe In A Thing Called Love RecapBrierrose 2021-10-27 18:00
A thoroughly enjoyable episode. I believe that tied off J’onn’s story. The only possible thing I can see left for him is to decide to live on Mars with M’gann and his brother part time, I don’t see him giving up being grandpa.

I guess we’ll find out some of what Lex was doing in the 31st century and I think it will tie into the bad news Brainy gets in the next episode. I wonder if Brainy’s going to have to go back to the 31st century and part ways with Nia. Remember he was only supposed to be in the 21st century until it was safe for him to go home. But where is his home now. Lena faced off with her abuser and won, good for her. I loved Nyxly’s initial attitude toward Lex but understand by his actions why she agreed to be friends. But Lex’s actions can never be trusted, even Otis was stumped. Esme continues to be adorable, the little actress did a great job. Esme’s got the whole secret identity thing down, even in a crisis she remembered to shout for Supergirl not aunt Kara.

Good to see Kara’s PZ trauma wasn’t forgotten. My gut says once the finale credits roll we will be able to look back and see hints to Kara’s ending were sprinkled throughout the season.
#12 RE: I Believe In A Thing Called Love RecapCatPat 2021-10-27 13:40
Quoting jacksc01:
I see where Jon Cryer won the Saturn Award for Best guest star on television (supergirl).

Yeah... I questioned his casting as he did not fit the right age parameters, but he really makes the most of his part.
#11 RE: I Believe In A Thing Called Love RecapKET1 2021-10-27 13:28
Quoting Thalolli:
I don't see the need for this Lex love plot, but I'm very happy that J'onn finally got a chance to shine. :-) It makes only sense that the totems can't be destroyed, so good on them for that reveal.

Seems to me that Lex falling in love with a powerful woman who openly hates men is a great twist of irony. It also allows Jon Cryer the opportunity to explore a fresh dimension to his iconic character, which I think he sold very well in this episode.

#10 RE: I Believe In A Thing Called Love RecapCatPat 2021-10-27 13:27
I can't help but wonder if other Al succumbed... one of those annoying post Crisis dangling threads.

I thought Kara would be the living embodiment of the Hope totem but it looks like they went in that direction instead with Esme and the love totem.

I am having trouble buying why Kara is saying Nyxly is their greatest threat. They really haven't sold that part of the story to me.

Good episode overall.
+1 #9 RE: I Believe In A Thing Called Love Recapjacksc01 2021-10-27 12:02
I see where Jon Cryer won the Saturn Award for Best guest star on television (supergirl).
#8 RE: I Believe In A Thing Called Love Recapjacksc01 2021-10-27 10:58
This episode gets an 'A' for action and a 'A' for emotion and a 'C' for leading us closer to what happens to SuperGirl.

This season so far we have given closure to J'onn - the courage totem showed him that no matter how strong he would have fought, he would not have been able to save his family. We have closure to Dreamer and her family, We are in the process of giving Lena a new family and closure. Brainy is acting too strange to know what's going on with him. Alex and Kelly have been given closure which will probably take up the rest of the episodes. I predict this because there is no way the writers would think the last episode should concentrate totally on Kara - even it is called that. We know that whatever closure it is - it will not contain a sister scene and Kelly and Alex will take up most of it.

Kelly amazes me how someone with minimal acting skills came into a show and managed to grab the limelight. A show that is supposedly based on its titular character. The fans asked for more Alex/Kara scenes and voila! we get more Kelly and Alex scenes.

However there were some very good parts.

1. Loved it when Nyxly held the gun to Lex and stated "You're Lex Luthor? - the mad man that sent Supergirl to the Phantom Zone. Do you know what I really really loathe - men who send women to the Phantom Zone." You have to admit that Nyxly doesn't like betrayal.

2. I loved the talk that Kara gave to Lena letting her know that they were now her family not Lex.

3. I liked the way that Kara let's everyone know that with a family comes faith and when things go wrong you have to trust that your family will be there to help get you going on your way. Also: Family does not have to be blood related.

4. I loved the part where Alex was showing J'onn and SuperGirl the ring and Melissa's reaction was priceless.
#7 RE: I Believe In A Thing Called Love Recapdaryl772003 2021-10-26 22:12
why are kara and alex talking to william and not each other!! what is this show?!
#6 RE: I Believe In A Thing Called Love Recapmuckle9999 2021-10-26 20:28
Lots of fireworks in this one. Lasers were being shot throughout the show from everyone. Except for Alex who used a revolver which made me giggle. I thought Lex and Nyxly made a cute couple. Other than that I'm just trying to hang in there until the finale which can't come soon enough.

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