New Young Kara Audition

Well we certainly expected this. There has to be a new casting call that has gone out for a Young Kara. Another audition tape surfaced today showing Leah Callhoun 12 years old, reading for the part. This makes a little more sense since we know that Kara is shipped to Earth from Krypton when she is 12 years old. The dialogue is the same as the previous young Kara but just like before they in which the actor reads the part may give us a clue to more of the scene. POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD: As you can tell from the first scene, Kara is about to be put into the ship and sent to Earth, however, this time, the young actress yells the second line indicating that their might be a collapse or explosion. This leads us to believe that Kara is sent to Earth in the last few seconds of the planet much like Kal-El.

Check out the video here. Edit: Password protected under 24 hours!

Another young Kara surfaces, what are your thoughts? Do you like this scene? Do you like this actress? Let us know in the comments below

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