MEMBERS at SDCC: Our Recap

We still feel like we are at Comic Con, that much I can tell you right off the bat! There is so much to unpack both literally and information-wise that we are still wading through Comic Con stuff. It was a week ago that we arrived in San Diego and our adventure began! Our goal was to get there early enough that we could walk the floor of the convention center on preview night. Aside from our hotel room having a busted Air Conditioner, we were all set and on schedule. I (Eric) wanted to get to the Aspen Comics booth asap to get the exclusive Michael Turner Supergirl comics they had. The late Michael Turner's art was what introduced me to Supergirl to begin with! Kelsey headed to the Image comics for some exclusives there. We had to get our goodies before we started covering Supergirl you know ...

Thursday started pretty slow, we ended up moving hotel rooms because of that bad air conditioner. We got a new room that was nice and cool, thank goodness, because video editing in a hot hotel room was going to be awful! We headed back into the convention center to hunt down all the new Supergirl merchandise! You might have seen our video recap post or our Facebook live videos. We talked with Icon Heroes, Tweeterhead, Sideshow Collectables, Kotobukiya and more. There are a lot of new Supergirl items coming out due to her rise in popularity from the show. We alluded to the fact we'll be doing more giveaways in season 3 due to some of the connections made on the show floor! Keep your eyes peeled for those as we get closer to the season.

Friday was our first interview day and a BIG party day. First we went straight to the press area to set up and have our discussion with Blake Neely, composer for all of the Arrowverse. He and his people are incredibly nice and Blake was very kind to answer all my amature questions about musical score. The interview went off without a hitch (besides a weird zoom issue where we couldn't get the camera to unzoom). After that and a brief nap, we had two invite only parties to attend Friday night. The first was the Buzz Feed Srsly Super Party. Geoff Johns, The cast of Black Lightning, David Ramsey, and Echo Kellum were there. In order to respect the privacy of that event, and as we learned last year, its not always good to record at those things, we didn't take any pictures or Facebook live anything. It's important to play by the rules if you want to get invited back.

The second party we went to Friday night was the Warner Brothers Media Mixer party. This party was the most surreal party we've ever been to. As soon as we walked through the door we ran into (almost literally) Stephen Amell (who plays Arrow if you don't know). We took the elevator after him and when we got to the roof ... it was like 50/50 celebrities! We saw EVERYONE. Of course, we made it a point to go and talk with all the Supergirl cast and showrunners. Even Sarah Schechter was there (President of Berlanti Studios). There was a moment when the Pussycats of Riverdale did a live performance for everyone and the Supergirl cast managed to get their hands on some cheerleader pompoms and their dance was hilarious. There was a moment then with a slight breeze coming in and Kelsey at my side watching the Supergirl cast dance and have a good time I just had to pinch myself to make sure it was real. Having met the cast several times and now having seen them when the cameras aren't on them I can say they genuinely enjoy each other's company. I even got a second chance to talk with Geoff Johns and Carlos Valdes about how we met Sterling Gates (Sterling got his first job in comics because of Geoff and now he is a writer on Carlos' show The Flash, it was a very story within a story kind of moment). Again, we didn't take any photos or video but WB did share some photos of the party, we'll include those below:

Finally, Saturday came along and we did our interviews of the cast. Those videos are in the previous post. Those went off without a hitch except that the Flash round table interviews were following ours and we were running late so we didn't get a chance to talk with Odette on camera, though we did talk with her at the party the night before. The day finished off with the Supergirl panel which you've all now undoubtedly seen the footage from. To add to our good fortune, we were able to cover the panel with a specific kind of press ticket. That ticket ended up putting me (Eric) in line with the writers of the show! So I got to meet all those guys and some had even been to the site. Paula Yoo even thanked me for it. Very very sweet! They are all very nice and it was fun to sit next to them during the panel. They were the only ones in the room who knew more than everybody. So while there were gasps and cheers, they already knew what was coming and more! They posted a photo on their twitter account of them at the panel. You can see me right behind them in two of the shots. We'll share those images below:

All in all, for us, Comic Con was incredible! Better than we could have imagined! Some of the things we got to do I would never have dreamed I could. It was all possible because of you guys. Because you've decided to embrace what is, what we are trying to do, and the coverage we bring about the show, we got to have some of these once in a lifetime experiences. So thank you to you all, our readers, for making what it is! The biggest Supergirl site on the web, and the only, non-advertisement site for DCTV news.

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#10 RE: at SDCC: Our Recapvantheman77 2017-07-28 18:51
I see Kara with her grandfather from the upcoming Krypton series. I wish there was a crossover between Supergirl and Krypton, but will likely not happen because of networks and continuities.

You could easily pull off a crossover between Supergirl and Krypton where Kara travels back in time to Krypton's distant past to meet her grandfather.
#9 RE: at SDCC: Our RecapSSAV 2017-07-27 05:31
First of all thank you. for all these videos; for asking questions about Kara and Alex...

And especially for that perspective you gave on the forum about the cast being very tight knit, and that they are protective of each other. That is great to hear. :)

So... I know this is a Supergirl site and all that... But since you were there, did you guys get to meet the DCEU folks? Or, were they like high-powered and hence not available to the TV folks?

Also, any idea whether our cast got to meet them?
#8 Melissa and CameronMarysocontrary1 2017-07-26 10:37
Glad to see someone thought to get a picture of Kara with her grandfather Seyg-El.
#7 RE: at SDCC: Our RecapArgo 2017-07-26 05:30
You did a fantastic job and I am sure it was not easy. I look forward to your future reports. Congratulations. Thank you.
#6 RE: at SDCC: Our RecapInk Slinger 2017-07-25 22:43
I'm catching up with all the SDCC stuff. If it wasn't for your efforts to keep those of us not on social media informed, I would really miss a lot. So from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU. I'm so happy you got to have such a great experience. It must have been awesome. You totally deserve it for this wonderful love letter to Supergirl. I love Kara Zor El. I love Supergirl. I love Kara Danvers. I love this cast. Great job.
#5 RE: at SDCC: Our RecapKelly 2017-07-25 19:44
I loved all of the SDCC 2017 suff, great fun, great cast....looking forward to Season 3.
#4 RE: at SDCC: Our Recapjacksc01 2017-07-25 16:14
Eric, I am so happy for you, Kelsey and your team, the trip sounds wonderful and I am so happy for all of you. Most of all, thank you for bringing back all the Supergirl information. Right now I cannot wait for season 3 to begin. Thanks again Eric for giving us the trip of a lifetime through your vidoes, summaries and website.
#3 RE: at SDCC: Our Recapstarlord 2017-07-25 16:05
That is some really great pics guys. Thanks so much for putting these up
#2 RE: at SDCC: Our RecapJondix 2017-07-25 15:59
Awesome guys :)
I'm almost more excited for you than for the news, you look so happy it's contagious thru your lines.
Thank you
#1 RE: at SDCC: Our RecapRomulus 2017-07-25 15:41
Sounds like you certainly had your hands full and had quite the trip (both figuratively and literally!). Glad it was worth it and then some. Thanks for the updates and pics/vids. Always a pleasure to visit the site. ;-) 8)

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