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Paleyfest is becoming a very special event for us at This was our second year attending and we were surprised that we had more fun this time than last. Both years we went, we were granted the absolute honor of being on the red carpet to ask the actors and showrunners questions! Beyond that, we were able to absorb the full panel in person and enjoy some extras too! Here is our recap of Paleyfest 2017 Heroes vs Aliens:

First of all, we don't live in LA so going to Paleyfest takes a plane trip for us to attend. Through you guys, our wonderful fans, the site donations helped ease some of the cost of travel (though some comes out of our pockets). Ultimately, the trip was pretty easy for us and we arrived a day early which gave us plenty of time to set up and get all our tech ready. Unlike last year, this event was on Saturday and it was taking place in the afternoon rather than the evening. It was perfect timing for families out on the weekend that wanted to see their favorite heroes in person.

On Saturday we woke up early and started testing our equipment. We double checked all the batteries were charged and tripled checked that the camera had enough space to record all the amazing events! Our plan was to show up an hour early and set up our cameras. Well your admin here made a big mistake and didn't realize that they actually allow you to set up an hour and a half early so we were LATE! We ran to our designated location on the red carpet and began frantically setting up. We asked our red carpet neighbor if we had already missed someone but luckily we hadn't. In the blink of an eye we were set up and talking with David Harewood!

To see our interviews check out our Paleyfest red carpet interviews article here.

The interviews went great except for a small hiccup on our end when Melissa Benoist came by. We had 4 questions prepared but knew we'd only have time for one or two. Our first question went out perfectly and Melissa's answer flowed and engaged us. So much so, we froze and forgot the next question! (hand to forehead!). So our second question was actually our last question (in order of importance) because it was the only one we could remember after hearing Melissa's beautiful answer to working with Chyler.

Any way, after the red carpet interviews, we were escorted to the best seat in the house where we were able to record some of the panel. In fact one of our users (maybe not a member) recognized us and tagged us on twitter. If you see us in public (which is easy, we wear shirts and hats) feel free to say hi!

The panel was amazing and will be available to watch in it's entirety on hulu. Kevin Smith was hilarious! His introduction might have run a bit long but we were laughing the whole time. Kevin does have a "take-him-as-he-is" mentality so as far as family friendly, we would encourage viewers with younger children to watch ahead of time to censor some parts. The language and a very specific question about the ATOM suit may not be best for younger viewers.

Adventures of Supergirl fans will remember that Sterling Gates gave the Girl of Steel her first motto, "Hope, Help, and Compassion for All". Well, that is coming to fruition as Melissa herself stated the motto on stage! We hope that we are going to get to hear it on the show soon too! Its about time that Supergirl get her own motto and we can't think of one better than what Sterling has coined!

All in all we can't recommend Paleyfest high enough. At the end of the event the cast all came to the edge of the stage and signed autographs. Its a very good way to get to see and meet them without having to do the whole convention madness. Check out these professional images from the event below:

Let us know what you think of the photos and our adventures at Paleyfest in the comments below and in the forum! Also, help us continue to do events like this and bring special coverage to you by visiting the support page!

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+2 #5 RE: at Paleyfest 2017Romulus 2017-03-20 18:37
Thanks for the festival updates. Very glad to read it was a well-attended and a well worth seeing / attending event. Thanks for the photos. :-)
#4 Go supergirlgokeithchristy 2017-03-20 17:27
I wonder if grant Melissa and stpehen read the comic books on their characters before they got parts as flash greenarrow and Supergirl. From Supergirl's number one fan.Go CW go. Flash greenarrow and Supergirl rule.
+4 #3 RE: at Paleyfest 2017Triggy 2017-03-20 17:02
Thanks again for your coverage of the Arrowverse Paleyfest!
+3 #2 I luv me some Kevin SmithJohnFeer 2017-03-20 16:07
but seriously he has way too much time on his looks like he flew all the way to Paleyfest to Photobomb the entire Berlantiverse....

+4 #1 RE: at Paleyfest 2017Fedguy 2017-03-20 14:17
Thanks guys

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