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  4. Wednesday, 15 November 2017
What do you guys think?

And if this his already been discussed and buried in threads, I apologize. I haven't really had time to read a lot of threads in the recent past as our neighborhood has only just now recovered from the effects of Irma. Yeah, there's debris still waiting to be picked up.

No disrespect to fans of the guy who reviews Supergirl on IGN, but I LMAO at his grade for Midvale. It was such a terrific and fun episode and screamed 'Spin Off' to not just many fans, and some reviewers too. The response to the two young Actors have been overwhelmingly positive.

I'd be all for this Spin Off. TBH, When it was time to return to the present, I was kinda mourning the loss of young Kara and Alex. I could totally watch a Spin off dating back to the minute young Kara landed. That way, we'd get Kenny right of the bat. I really liked his character. I think Kenny would be terrific in a young series about high school. Only they'd have get rid of the cliche and OTT jock stuff. It could be like another Riverdale but with a Kryptonian. I honestly think the CW youth market would watch this, as SG is, according to my much more knowledgeable young members of the family, SG cast are old folks. LOL.

As for Legions of Superhero. Other than the fact that there are always talk of over saturation, I think it would work. DC comics are always monetizing their properties in various and endless incarnations. Why not a live tv series too. Again, it would be aimed at a younger demo and general comic book fans.

They already have cast the team, so I'm partially convinced that this is a back door Pilot and they are just waiting for the reaction.

I personally would watch Legions. I love Chris Wood and he has all the qualities of a Lead Actor. If Legions does happen, I just want it to be produced by some fresh blood with a different vision.

So what do you guys think. Either, Or, or Both?
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I'd say both as it's time for Supergirl's universe to have its own set of heroes apart from the Arrowverse.
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How does one solve the inconsistencies. One path is

"My name is Kara Zor-El. You probably now my twin on the parallel earth-42. She's the one who got to earth 25 years after her cousin did, so he had grown up when she arrived. I'm the one who got to Earth, and baby Kal-El was no where to be found. His story had a happy ending, but I didn't know that for many years. No, I got to earth, rescued myself from my pod, and was all alone in a strange world."

If I had to choose between the two I would go with "Midvale"...

Totally. It's "Midvale" for me. It would be like Smallville, but focused on Kara and Alex of course. As I said in a post on this, I'd like it to be either on the CW Seed or be like a summer replacement on the CW. Maybe use Supergirl reruns to lead in on Mondays? just sayin'?

What inconsistencies? why would you have to change anything?

Let's see. Does Kara Zor-El keep using her powers, or not? The plot could still arrange itself that she ends up as the house guest of the leading American student of those occasional visitors from a strange alien planet, the Kryptonians, this being Jeremiah, his charming wife,a nd their daughter Alex.

What teenager EVER did exactly what they were supposed to do. I never once thought, oh, she won't use her powers ever again after the flashback scene in "Livewire" of course she would use them again. no I have a feeling she never did that again after she Alex almost got hit by the car except of course when she needed to save someone she loved....which we saw in this last episode and the pilot.. The reason they didn't want her using her powers before Jeremiah left was to not tip of the DEO, but as we know they already knew about her, and Jeremiah went to work for them so they would leave Kara alone. No reason why she couldn't continue to use some of her powers under wraps so to speak.

But, I really have no clue why we would need her on another earth? It would just be the early years of Kara on Earth-38. We have an audience that cares about Earth 38 Kara, so they would want to see her early years, not some Kara on another earth, that wouldn't be the Kara we have grown to love..... That would be weird...

The reason you want another earth, or want to retcon the Jeremiah thing and "I hid my powers" out of existence, is that with those constraints around the plots that let her *use* her powers as young supergirl become extremely convoluted very quickly.

IMO, if she is fully using her powers then you just have another Supergirl Midvale you could go more of a Veronica Mars type of formula for the show rather than a formula of a show that would probably come right after it in the line up. She would use her powers when needed, as in saving her sister's life. So, no.....not into any retcon stuff.
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