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  3. Monday, 04 December 2017
In morals ...
What's the story?
Their scenes are few and James is absolutely unnecessary this season!
Are they just doing this to give him some function?
For even the Punisher is not fitting into this story.
He and Lena are absolutely something without chemistry because the episodes they appear together or he is being mean to her ...
As at first she was just helping him and Catco and he keeps treating her with contempt for not letting her ...
She's been in the series since last season!
And now in a few episodes will a crazy passion come out?
Spare me!
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I don't think that is what they want. Not entirely a bad idea though.

James is utterly useless. Too many insane fans want to pair Lena with any female character they see.

Put James with Lena, two birds in one stone. James has a point, and Lena shippers silenced forever.
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