Suspicious Minds Recap

It's been a whole year since we've seen you last. Well not, but it was 2018 since the last episode of Supergirl aired and that was part three of Elseworlds! Tonight, we are back to Earth 38 where we followed the next chapter of Supergirl's continuing battle against The Children of Liberty, Manchester Black, and now it would seem, her old work place, The DEO. It would seem you can take the hero out of the DEO but not the hero out of the girl! Here are the moments that stood out to us:

  1. Red Daughter: It's been a while since we've seen the Red Daughter, but she is making a big impact! She is chasing down rockets, throwing drones at tanks and simply being awesome. The officers overseeing her, however, wonder if she can be controlled. They note that she won't be facing tanks ...
  2. Mysterious Attack: A shimmering alien jumps aboard a tanker ship where there is a military presence. Supergirl, while still dressed as Kara, hears the call for aid. She fakes a cramp while pretending to work out with Lena and hobbles off to change into Supergirl. She arrives a little late and sees that most of the guards have been killed. The shimmering alien grabs one of the soldiers and escapes as Supergirl throws the bomb meant to destroy the ship into the sky. The DEO arrive and let Supergirl know that her presence is not needed. Kara lets Colonel Haley know that just because she isn't with the DEO doesn't mean she is going to stop being a hero. Haley becomes determined to discover who Supergirl is.
  3. John Jones: J'onn officially gets his detective license. He has set up a very great looking office where he can continue to help humans and aliens alike. Brainy visits to ask/pay for J'onn's help to support Supergirl while she is no longer in the employ of the DEO. J'onn objects and simply notes, all Kara need do is ask.
  4. Alex Rallies The DEO: Alex is able to call all the agents that know who Supergirl really is into a meeting. It was a little bit of a surprise how many people didn't know about her identity. That said, she was able to reach them all and each agent stood up and agreed that they would protect Kara and Alex.
  5. Brainy Asks Nia Out, Sort Of: Oh how Brainy knows language and yet misuses it. It's clear he wants to talk to Nia over a meal and thus, when pressed, he asks her out. But Brainy doesn't understand that there is a different meaning to asking someone out in this century. Nia is clearly elated but this miscommunication could lead to disaster.
  6. Alex, J'onn and Supergirl: Colonel Tan is making a run for it just as J'onn, Alex and Supergirl arrive. They press him to tell them what is going on. It turns out that the Morai were alien children who had an incredible ability to cloak themselves. They were trained by the US government to become assassins. They had a 100% success rate. However, when the President of the United States gave the order to cut ties with all alien assets, Colonel Tan gave the order to eliminate the assets. The Morai were furious, obviously, and have been attacking those that were their handlers. Kara and Alex are able to stop one but the other is able to get Tan before J'onn could stop him.
  7. Nia and Brainy's Date: Brainy puts his foot in his mouth almost right away. He kind of saves it by saying that he "didn't even think someone as beautiful as her would be interested in him." Nia then notes that she isn't sure if she is into him or not but is willing to hear him out. He makes his pitch about making Nia a member of the "Super friends". He then has to go after the DEO calls.
  8. Lena and James' Dinner: Lena and James have a make-up dinner. James is baking when Lena lets him know that she is close to being able to give regular humans powers! James agrees to be her moral compass while she continues her research.
  9. Haley Finds Out: Haley is able to break one of the agents and finds out that Supergirl is Alex's sister. Haley notes that Alex had her fooled. Just as she is about to bring down the hammer, the proximity alarm goes off and the whole DEO goes into position. Brainy has set up good defenses but Haley has allowed the use of lethal force.
  10. Attack at the DEO: The aliens cut the power to the DEO making their laser defense plan impossible. Haley allows many of her agents to be taken out as she runs from the attack. Alex helps the agents. Haley is then cornered by one of the Morai but "Plan S" takes hold and Supergirl shows up and subdues the alien immediately. Shockingly, Haley quickly turns on Supergirl and starts to threaten her with all the things she is going to do. Alex shows up and objects, noting Supergirl just saved Haley's life. Haley doesn't budge and enough is enough and Alex drops Haley to the floor with one punch! The sisters stand together!

Haley is put into a cell where Kara and Alex call in J'onn. J'onn hesitates but agrees immediately to help Kara and Alex. Haley is reset but her purpose hasn't changed. She brings in an alien that can't be manipulated and is known as a truth seeker. In order to beat the truth seeker, all the agents at the DEO agree to allow J'onn to wipe their minds. Terrifyingly, Alex has to have the procedure done as well. Alex will no longer know that Kara is Supergirl. The scene was probably our favorite from this season so far! Chyler, Melissa and David really crushed it!

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+1 #47 RE: Suspicious Minds Recapks774 2019-01-25 01:07
I'm wondering what exactly J'onn wiped from Alex's mind. Is Alex going to remember working with and saving/being saved by Supergirl all those times?
And as a result of the mind wipe...
  • What does Alex think of aliens now that she doesn't have an alien sister?
  • What does Alex think of Supergirl? especially considering the DEO fired her?
#46 RE: Suspicious Minds Recapkdickerson87 2019-01-23 21:26
You know what, as powerful as J'onn with telepathy and mind stuff, maybe he can do a "compartment" like brainy where he puts all Alex's memory of Kara being Supergirl in another part of her brain that can't be detected by the truth seeker. I don't know. Just a theory. I'm going to go with that theory. Yup!
+1 #45 RE: Suspicious Minds RecapRobertAnthony 2019-01-23 15:26
Quoting Annoyedchris:

Sometimes the best way to highlight something important is to temporarily take it away ... my guess is that this is what the writers are doing. This twist will show the necessity of the bond between them.

BOLD...I love that part of the statement you made Chris. Kind of reminds me of a line in the song "Big Yellow Taxi" by one of Melissa's music idols Joni Mitchell and covered by the likes of Amy Grant and Counting Crows with Vanessa Carlton...

Don't it always seem to go
That you don't know what you've got
Till it's gone
+3 #44 RE: Suspicious Minds RecapSully 2019-01-23 09:40
Quoting Constance:
Supergirl told J'onn (with Haley knocked out) "She knows I'm Supergirl"; would make more sense to say "She knows I'm Kara".
I took this as being a result of the fact that the interaction was between Kara, Alex and J'onn. I get the impression that when Kara is around Alex and J'onn, she completely sees herself as Kara and that they see her only in that way, too. Supergirl is a part of her -her secret job, but not who she really is as an entity. So, it is just natural for her to just refer to herself as Kara when she is with them, alone. Therefore, when she says, "she knows I'm Supergirl", she just assumes that they know she means, I as in "Kara."
+5 #43 RE: Suspicious Minds RecapSully 2019-01-23 09:23
Just did a second watch and wanted to add that I like the relationship between J'onn and Brainy, too. I loved it when Brainy went to J'onn to ask J'onn to help Kara. What made it even better was that Brainy really doesn't understand the concept of money, just that it must be very important so, he latches onto to in order to try and persuade J'onn. Even leaving a big wad of it behind because it means absolutely nothing to him personally. Of course, Brainy doesn't know the backstory with J'onn regarding Alex and Kara to know that J'onn would do anything for the two of them. And that's another thing, J'onn is such a good character, too. I was worried about him not being as relevant out of the DEO but, I can see this new gig of his being a good route for him.

They're just a nice little family and I didn't know for sure how much I would like Brainy basically replacing Winn but, I really like that they're bringing him into the fold.

I have always really enjoyed the DEO aspect of the show and have usually argued against dismantling it but, after seeing all four of them at the end in J'onn's office, I could see how that might be a good direction to go in the future. It would be interesting to see them fight villains without the resources of the government.

I still don't know what they're going to do with Alex's mind-wipe. I worry a bit over it (probably more than I should) and just hope that it doesn't affect any of the dynamics between Kara and Alex or Supergirl and Alex in a long-term manner.
+7 #42 RE: Suspicious Minds RecapKiwi 2019-01-23 02:23
Sometimes it's the littlest things that give you the warmest moments. When J'onn is mind-wiping Col. Haley we see Alex with her arm around Supergirl's shoulder in a really nice Motherly way. With Chyler being a Mother herself I'd like to think she did that as a natural instinct which showed the close bond between the Danvers sisters. Thanks Chyler for a genuinely warm heartfelt moment.
+3 #41 RE: Suspicious Minds Recapkdickerson87 2019-01-22 21:11
So sad man at the end. I think it could have gone another way like try to get rid of the "truth seeker" somehow. Get it out of the DEO. Like really. Did the writers have go to that extent. Man, I really dislike Col.Haley.

Jonn's new office and role on earth is amazing. Seeing his powers too is a highlight especially when he punched the car. J'onn could have prevented this somehow. But it's cool that he can do it. Still My favorite superhero.

Kara has been through a lot. I just hope things get better in the next few episodes. I feel for her but she is strong.

This episode was good but kinda messed up.
+4 #40 Music on this episodeKaraD 2019-01-22 09:54
I just want to give credit to the people choosing the music on the show. Of course, Blake Neely is incredible but also, I like how the songs and the lyrics that are selected have a special meaning. In Suspicious Minds, at the end, when J'onn is erasing memories, the song "Really gone" by Chvrches is playing. Just the title of the song speaks for itself and makes an impact. Of course, it relates to the memories being gone but also, Kara's sister being gone in a way. Powerful stuff!
+3 #39 RE: Suspicious Minds RecapLibertyPrime 2019-01-22 05:39
Quoting Constance:
Brainy says "oh, sprocket" when he realizes the other alien is behind him. Is this just a futuristic swear word, or some other inside joke? (e.g. Spacely Space Sprockets from The Jetsons?)

"Sprock" is a 31st century expletive imported from the Legion of Superheroes comics. Brainy used it a couple of times last season. I don't know the derivation of the term, but I love the Jetson's idea! :lol:

IMO, it has a pretty good sound when used as an interjection. Right up there with Conan the Barbarian's "Crom!"
+4 #38 RE: Suspicious Minds Recapsuperbill 2019-01-21 17:31
It was great to have Supergirl back, and this episode made the wait worthwhile! I am very excited about the remainder of the season; there are so many interesting storylines being set up. I'd like some of them to continue into season 5, just because there may not be time to satisfactorily complete them all. And I have to think that if Lex isn't manipulating this, he will be once he is free. But I digress.

Alex being mind wiped was a huge surprise, but absolutely necessary given the situation. She'll be "back" at some point of course, and that progression is rich with dramatic possibilities. There will be pain, perhaps some humor, and joy when she is restored. I'm hoping that Nia Nal, Eliza, and John will be helping Kara restore Alex's memory.

Melissa and Chyler really nailed the scenes at the end. Wow! Such tremendous acting. A+++!!

John's new office is so great! Really like his character, and this new direction for him.

Awkwardness, thy name is Brainy. Jesse's portrayal is fun and an enjoyable addition. His "date" with Nia was priceless!

I agree that it is time to put the DEO to rest. I hope they find a way to free Alex from it, and I like the idea of Kara, Alex, Brainy, Nia, and John forming a new iteration of "Team Supergirl" to do what the DEO should be doing, with assistance when necessary from "Team Lena". I'm thinking that the DEO will implode under Haley and the President's leadership. But whatever its fate, I'm hoping that Kara and Alex will be on their own.

Really looking forward to next Sunday!

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