Supergirl The Movie 1984 Interviews

There are young boys and girls out there who saw Melissa Benoist appear for the first time in the Supergirl costume and thought "WOW, that IS Supergirl". But a generation before our Girl of Steel put on the cape and boots, there was another brave icon that spearheaded the role of Kara Zor-El. That is of course, Helen Slater! She plays Eliza Danvers currently on the Supergirl show but when she was just eighteen years old fresh out of perfoming high school the young actress was tasked with the role that would define, for the first time, a live action version of Superman's cousin. Of course, also along for the ride was Marc McClure's Jimmy Olsen. The only actor who did all five of the Superman/Supergirl movies from the late 1970's to 1980's. Below you will find our interviews with them on the cusp of the Supergirl BluRay special edition. Hear their opinions on comic book movies today, the late and irreplaceable Christopher Reeve, and what it's like to work today. Our sincerest thanks to both Marc McClure and Helen Slater for this amazing opportunity!

Again, our thanks to Mr. McClure and Ms. Slater. What an amazing opportunity! Let us know what you think of the interviews in the comments below and in the forum! Keep us advertisement free and bring you all the latest from Comic Con and visit the support page!

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+2 #4 RE: Supergirl The Movie 1984 InterviewsArgo 2018-07-20 12:35
Guys, thanks so much for the wonderful interviews.
+2 #3 RE: Supergirl The Movie 1984 InterviewsGreen Stuff 2018-07-20 05:16
Thank you so much, really enjoyed listening to these today. Have a great weekend. Looking forward to the updates. :-)
+2 #2 RE: Supergirl The Movie 1984 Interviewsjacksc01 2018-07-20 04:42
Loved it!!! Thank you so much for doing these interviews. Helen Slater is so down to earth and I felt like I was there at comic con during the interview. Thank you SuperGirl TV for these comic con interviews and moments.
+2 #1 RE: Supergirl The Movie 1984 InterviewsRomulus 2018-07-20 03:14
Excellent! Thank you for sharing these with the site. For those of us old enough to remember when the film was originally shown in theatres, this is a gift from above. Great stuff! ;-)

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