Supergirl Season 6 Location Change

After Crisis on Infinite Earths, it's been pretty clear that just about anything is possible on television and specifically the Arrowverse. Regardless, this news coming to us today from The CW is actually pretty shocking even for us! In order to accomodate the many changes that need to happen to get Melissa some time and to allow for the show to continue, Supergirl season 6 will take place exclusively in Atlantis, under water!

Casting calls have already gone out for the Arrowverse's Mera and Arthur aka Aquaman. Supergirl will be fitted with a helmet that will allow Melissa to film scenes during her pregnancy and a surrogate body can be used for action scenes. What problems could cause the Atlantean civilization to need the help of a Kryptonian and her super friends? That guess is up to you. Happy April Fools everyone, hope you and your family are happy and healthy in today's climate.

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#33 Atlantis and AquamanStars16 2020-04-21 18:04
Too bad this is just a joke for April Fools. This scenario has possibilities. I can see this as a neat twist for this show.
#32 RE: Supergirl Season 6 Location ChangeBrierrose 2020-04-14 18:20
I’ll play the speculation game. ABC ordered a pilot of Thirtysomething Else and pilots are normally filmed in March which of course didn’t happen. Networks not named CW don’t typically skip the pilot and give a series order heck even CW doesn’t usually skip the pilot phase as it has with S&L. As near as I can tell the potential Green Arrow and the Canaries has stalled. Fall pilots could be pushed to next year. We’ll know more about what the 2020/2021 TV season might look like from the virtual upfronts next month. It’s not possible to practice social distancing while filming, how will that be addressed? I can envision a worst case scenario of all scripted shows getting pushed back a lot. The Governor of CA today said he doesn’t see gatherings of 100s or more happening this summer, he could easily force a pause on film production in the state. If work in CA is still on hold networks will be hard pressed to justify moving forward in other places.

Regarding locations I doubt Supergirl will move back to the USA. IMO more likely Chris would push for filming Thirtysomething Else in Vancouver. This is a great opportunity for him but he’s in a position career wise to pass if it’s best for his family. Cost wise ABC has to be considering filming in Vancouver anyway so it could be a win-win situation.
#31 RE: Supergirl Season 6 Location Changekara1200 2020-04-13 15:28
is supergirl moving Locations for season 6
#30 RE: Supergirl Season 6 Location ChangeBrierrose 2020-04-06 20:02
Quoting akessler:
I cannot tell if this is a joke, or if they're really planning on moving the story to Atlantis. (For a season, or at least a few episodes.) Also, when you say "Supergirl will be fitted with a helmet" what kind of helmet?
It’s a joke none of it is true. The admins always do something like this for April fools day which is April 1st.
#29 For real? or April Fools?akessler 2020-04-06 16:04
I cannot tell if this is a joke, or if they're really planning on moving the story to Atlantis. (For a season, or at least a few episodes.) Also, when you say "Supergirl will be fitted with a helmet" what kind of helmet?
#28 Supergirl Season6 location changeirving61 2020-04-05 10:20
Nothing has come out for Season 6 as of yet. I believe Melissa will be back after she
has her baby and gets her body in shape.
+1 #27 RE: Supergirl Season 6 Location ChangeAlex 2020-04-04 05:59
It’s a good joke because quite literally it’s about the same level of stupid you’d expect from the producers.
#26 supergirl season 6kara1200 2020-04-03 21:22
is supergirl changing locations for season 6 just asking
#25 RE: Supergirl Season 6 Location ChangeLibertyPrime 2020-04-03 11:28
Quoting Brierrose:
Gentle hypocrisy call out to those that want Melissa to spend time working on another show yet complain about her presence on this one. Her time and energy like everyone’s is finite.

Well, yeah, time permitting of course.

Maybe during a season where Melissa isn't on Broadway or taking up directing.

Perhaps the reported shift to smaller scale crossovers will help the issue as well.
#24 RE: Supergirl Season 6 Location ChangeCatPat 2020-04-03 08:39
Quoting LibertyPrime:
Quoting CatPat:
No arguments here... looking forward to Stargirl and Brec apparently wants to work with Melissa.

I am 100% behind this idea. :-)


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