Supergirl Season 4 Premiere Recap

It seems like it's been a year or more since Kara went toe to toe with Reign and reset the timeline creating her doppelganger. We guess the Arrowverse shows have two things in common, jails and timeline resets. Don't get us wrong though, we aren't complaining. The concept of another Kara on Earth is a huge idea that can swing either positively or negatively (as it has in the comics)! While many fans were thinking this could be the major villain of the season, Supergirl's season four premiere set out right off the bat to give us a new enemy to look at, the fuse was lit. Of course, that wasn't the only thing to focus on, here's what stood out to us:

  1. Clark is off world: If this was the 1984 movie of Supergirl, hearing that statement would disappoint us (like it did when we finally got around to seeing Supergirl the movie), but in this case it actually was welcomed news. At the end of season three, Clark's absence from being able to see and live among some of Krypton's culture felt displaced. We know we get to see Tyler Hoechlin return in the crossover so we are excited for his return, happy that he is getting to know his aunt and his native culture, and most of all, love that the whole planet is getting protection from our Girl of Steel and allowing her to step into the spotlight!
  2. Alex is kicking butt: Just because Alex has taken on the role of director, she isn't wasting any time getting her team trained up in hand-to-hand combat. Of course taking on the role of director means Alex adopts Brainy as well since he is working out of the DEO as Winn's replacement.
  3. Sam and Ruby are in LCorp Northeast: With the popularity of Sam and Reign last season, it's no surprise that the show had to keep the character around in some way. You never know, the opportunity for Sam to return or guest is certainly out there with this new Northeast role.
  4. Mercy and Otis make their move: The ex-Luthor security team seem to be working for someone else or they've gone into business for themselves. The team looks to have experience with Kryptonians as they have technology specifically used to incapacitate Kryptonians. With the help of Brainy, however, Supergirl is able to get back on her feet only to narrowly miss out on catching the duo.
  5. Kara meets Nia: In a very silly and fun twist of fate, Nia catches an elevator with Kara where she spills her guts about why she is late and how she wants to impress ... Kara Danvers. Almost instantly, Kara can see herself in Nia. Nia goes on to pitch her story idea to Kara about fashion and its meaning to her. A unique pitch really makes an impression on Kara who clearly feels she'll need to keep an eye on Nia.
  6. Lena and Lillian have been meeting: Lena has been playing chess with her mother to get to know her better. While in prison, Lillian comes to terms that she doesn't want to die alone and her only way to do that is to reach out to her daughter. Wary, but interested, the two have seemed to form a better relationship than we've seen before.
  7. J'onn stays out of the fight: J'onn has taken his word to his father very seriously. He is staying out of the fight both in the alien watch group and helping Supergirl fight at Camp David. We found it kind of special that J'onn, as powerful as he is, is staying committed to his new passive nature. But just like any time when there is a fight among friends, it hurt to watch Kara dismiss J'onn in the alien bar.
  8. Kara discovers the Earth First Movement: Kara discovers that Mercy and Otis are planning on attacking Camp David. Even more so, she sees all the chat rooms and tip lines dedicated to taking out aliens on Earth. Supergirl goes on to note that she feels this is the biggest threat she's ever faced because the enemy looks like the people she saves.
  9. Camp David: Kara is able to stop Mercy and Otis but Mercy does get away. Alex is able to protect the President but she does get hit while cameras are recording. Because of that, her biology as an alien is revealed and the Earth First movement gets its fuel. Or as the episode says, the fuse was lit.
  10. Lena makes a deal: Lena goes behind James' back to get the Guardian case dropped. James applauds Lena for letting him deal with the issue on his own and she keeps her mouth shut that she helped. In the end, however, a press conference says that if James ever takes on his Guardian persona again, he will be arrested! Does this mean the end of Guardian?

The episode wrapped up with a huge hint that Kara's doppelganger was literally punching a tunnel underground for her ... keepers, captures, friends? We have no idea but want to hear from you. Is the other Kara trapped or is she a willing participant? Let us know in the comments below and in the forum! Keep us advertisement free and visit the support page!

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#39 RE: Supergirl Season 4 Premiere RecapKenletwo 2018-10-18 20:13
On Braniac 5 (Brainy) being able to open the cuffs, he's a Coluan, like his more genocidal "relatives Braniac (the original) and Indigo (Braniac 8). Their species are cyborgs - organic/computer hybrids so Brainy has the equivilent of a supercomputer with 5000G wi-fi in his head. Accessing most technology is as easy as doing multipication tables and requires no interface - he IS the interface.

As for the cuffs, Mercy (and Agent Liberty) would have access to Lex's anti-alien tech and whatever Lillian and Cadmus developed from hijacking alien artifacts and designs over the years, including the stuff the original Hank Henshaw recovered at the DEO (like Kara's ship) and obtained from moles later.

I liked the episode, but the whole "soccer moms becoming anti-alien terrorist bombers" seems forced, without getting into a real analysis of the integration of what's apparently group of thousands of aliens into a society would bring; a subject I'm not sure the show can deal with in more than a superficial way.

You arrest people doing violence, but what about protests against a being that has inherent abilities that no one whose heritage solely originates on Earth can ever compete with on any level? One being or a handful of beings able to replace thousands of humans economically or technologically - how long before ordinary humans became "obsolete"?

Kryptonians and other aliens we've seen could kill a human with a flick of their finger, or a glance of their eyes. And we've actually seen them go out of control before (Red and Silver Kryptontite, Myriad). Actual rational people would be crazy not to be afraid of that.

Just going with "See, all the aliens are just like you underneath; so your blind prejudice is STUPID, STUPID, STUPID!" would seem kind of like simplistic moralizing; and I think the subject deserves better.

Of course skipping right to the punching and blasting is a good option, too.
+1 #38 RE: Supergirl Season 4 Premiere RecapBrierrose 2018-10-17 17:21
I’m late to this party and after a second viewing I don’t have anything specific to add that hasn’t already been said so I’ll give an overall comment.

Very auspices start to the season. It was a good episode in its own right and set up some storylines for the season. That’s exactly what you want in a premier writers 1-0
+1 #37 RE: Supergirl Season 4 Premiere Recapevrafter 2018-10-17 13:29
Quoting Kiwi:
Quoting evrafter:
Also, did anyone else notice, or is it just me that they seem to have filmed in a different film mode for this episode? The show literally looks different. I like it.

Not quite sure what that means, possibly the way the Director of Photography filtered it.

Filter was what I was going for. In other words, it looks more cinematic than say a sitcom or soap opera.
+2 #36 RE: Supergirl Season 4 Premiere RecapKiwi 2018-10-17 13:24
Quoting evrafter:
Also, did anyone else notice, or is it just me that they seem to have filmed in a different film mode for this episode? The show literally looks different. I like it.

Not quite sure what that means, possibly the way the Director of Photography filtered it.

One thing I do know though, it's so good to have Catco back as a regular location on the show, so much brighter and lighter than the D.E.O..

If they would only bring back Noonan's Cafe as a location which was also lighter and brighter than the Alien Dive Bar that we now have.
+1 #35 RE: Supergirl Season 4 Premiere Recapevrafter 2018-10-17 10:17
I really like just the right amount of comedy and timing between Chyler and Jesse.

Also, did anyone else notice, or is it just me that they seem to have filmed in a different film mode for this episode? The show literally looks different. I like it.
#34 RE: Supergirl Season 4 Premiere RecapMayaSky 2018-10-17 07:48
I do not have much to add after all that has already been mentioned. This is a great episode! I appreciate that Alex is moving forward in his personal life without addressing the subject further.

Strangely, the episode gave me the impression that it had passed well over three months after the end of season 3. Kara has changed so much, it's as if she's an entirely different person. She has a confidence she did not have before. Now, I find it even more inconceivable after this episode that people do not understand that she is Supergirl. I love his newfound confidence, but his arrogance as a Supergirl is an annoying bit.

Jonn's change is really drastic, I was hoping to see him a bit more like a Supergirl partner.

I wonder how the bad guys knew that the president was an alien.
#33 RE: Supergirl Season 4 Premiere RecapBrandtm2 2018-10-16 18:46
Quoting Captain Past:
Supergirl can't snap the ankle bracelets? Perhaps they were made of...Nth Metal! As seen in a prior episode. How did Brainiac open them then?

Marsden being an alien is a potential Constitutional Crisis. Of course, she could be a bit older than the 29 she looks, say old enough that she was living here in the 1780s when New Hampshire ratified the Constitution, in which case via the usually forgotten clause of the Cosntitution she is a native born citizen by virtue of having been a resident of the US at the moment the Constitution was adopted.

Alex beating up on all these guys? She has for many years lived in close proximity to a Kryptonian. It's a little less drastic than being struck by a lightning bolt that passed through Kara first, but she has picked up a modest amount of superstrength and superspeed.

Kara, the next time someone throws something at you, use your superspeed to dodge it or catch it. Also, the next time you confront villains, first use super speed to tie them up, then start gloating. For more hints, read the Evil Overlords' Secret Handbook.

I second the motion for Kara to use superspeed and how about superstrength too? Let's have her break the ankle bracelets.

As for Marsden where was she born? She could be of an alien species yet born in the U.SA. In that case she is a US citizen with as much right as anyone to be President.

And I hope this is the end of the Guardian. Let Supergirl be super and let James Olson be James Olson and never the Guardian.
#32 RE: Supergirl Season 4 Premiere RecapHayden77 2018-10-16 16:47
Well if the other kara didn't want to be there how could they keep her there
+1 #31 RE: Supergirl Season 4 Premiere RecapGreen Stuff 2018-10-16 15:22
Great episode, so good to have the show back. The flying scenes looked very good in this episode. :-)
+2 #30 RE: Supergirl Season 4 Premiere Recapks774 2018-10-15 18:36
Quoting Captain Past:
Supergirl can't snap the ankle bracelets? Perhaps they were made of...Nth Metal! As seen in a prior episode. How did Brainiac open them then?

Quoting Stewart Tick:
Quoting Hayden77:
kara can't break a pair of anklecuffs other than that a pretty good episode

Well, the writers didn't tell us what those ankle cuffs were made of. Maybe it was some super-strong metal or alloy that Lex Luthor came up with....

When Mercy activated the cuffs they started to glow red... maybe some red sun radiation?
Also I'm assuming Brainy was able to hack and deactivate the tech.

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