Stand and Deliver Trailer

Supergirl is sitting in the middle of a brewing battle between The Children of Liberty and The Elite! The two sides are using the same tactics against each other with social media, media coverage and violence. Supergirl has to find a way to defeat both sides without using their tactics and dipping to their level. With all of Supergirl's abilities, the task still seems nearly impossible. Will Supergirl's allies be able to lend the helping hand she needs to stop both sides from using more violence? Check out the trailer below:

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#4 RE: Stand and Deliver Trailerks774 2019-03-05 17:57
I'm really glad to see them re-purposing Kara's Supergirl "costumes" - first the Power Ranger suit, then the Argo cloak! Nice callback :)
+1 #3 RE: Stand and Deliver TrailerRomulus 2019-03-03 19:46
Should be interesting! Looking forward to seeing how things play out. :-)
+2 #2 RE: Stand and Deliver Trailervantheman77 2019-03-03 18:35
Hope Red Daughter shows up in this one.
+5 #1 RE: Stand and Deliver TrailerAnnoyedchris 2019-03-03 18:25
Will be interesting how they end this season. As we see in real life, you can't really defeat racism. Somehow the show will have to make the audience feel Supergirl has obtained a victory but this isn't something she can physically defeat. There can't be a clean victory here. Supergirl is trying for something bigger this season and, for the most part, it is paying off in intriguing ways.

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