Stand and Deliver Recap

We are sitting on the cusp of Lex Luthor making his debut on Supergirl next week! After reviewing the live action footage of Jon Cryer's Lex, we couldn't be more excited! All that said, we were also treated to a brand new episode of Supergirl tonight! Ben Lockwood was up to his antics yet again as he organized an anti-alien rally. To counter the rally, the aliens of National City also decided to protest. Supergirl, being committed to helping all citizens of Earth was put in a bind where she had to look out for EVERYONE! Here are the events that stood out to us:

  1. The Elite Attack Ben Lockwood's Acceptance Speech: Dreamer, Supergirl and J'onn set a trap for Menagerie by tempting her with a woman's heart and pearl necklace. With Dreamer's new powers, J'onn, Supergirl and Dreamer made easy work of Menagerie. J'onn's personal connection to Manchester has him questioning if he might take up the sword again. He threatens Menagerie enough for her to give up the Elite's plan against Ben Lockwood. Supergirl and J'onn are able to stop the assassination attempt but The Hat and Manchester get away.
  2. Alex is assigned to Ben Lockwood's Security Detail: The President of the United States makes a personal request of Colonel Haley to reassign Alex to Ben Lockwood's personal security detail. Her job has now put her in a position to protect an enemy she was hunting down. Alex escorts Ben to a press conference where Ben tries to get in a quick jab at Alex. However, Alex is quick with the comeback and gets Ben on his heals. Ben still continues with the press conference. He announces his goal to have the Alien Amnesty Act removed. Two rallies are organized, one pro and one con to address the announcement.
  3. The Fortress of Solitude: Well, somehow Manchester, The Morai and The Hat get into The Fortress of Solitude. Manchester starts looking for any advantage he can against Supergirl. The Hat locates an advantage but it isn't to Manchester's liking. Because of this, he departs leaving Manchester and The Morai alone to find a different advantage. J'onn, with the assist of Dreamer, are able to track them at the fortress. Supergirl and Dreamer take out The Morai pretty fast but Manchester escapes from J'onn by jumping into one of the fortress' secret rooms. In the room is a baby sun-eater. He's kind of a pet to Kal-El.
  4. The American Alien: At J'onn's office, Brainy arrives to check and see if his ring was recovered. When it wasn't, he reveals that he is the American Alien and he organized the counter march. He discovers that he is strong still even without his ring. He asks Supergirl to march with them but she declines as she feels the need to patrol. It's just this moment when it is revealed to the audience that Manchester didn't die in the Sun Eater room and he along with The Hat are there to kill any alien hater. Manchester arrives with some new powers and he seems to have been able to replicate himself.
  5. Battle at the March: Manchester is using holograms to make himself appear more powerful and in multiple places. J'onn calls off Supergirl and says he'll take on Manchester. Brainy takes on The Hat and with Supergirl's help he is able to get his hat and arrest him. Manchester and J'onn have it out in the back room but J'onn getting the upper hand nearly takes Manchester's life. But he was actually a Children of Liberty hostage and had a hologram over him. J'onn stands above him scared at what he almost did. Manchester watches on from a hidden location. Supergirl is able to save everyone at the battle but interestingly some of the aliens and humans end up helping each other out and while the overall experience is horrifying, some aliens and humans are leaving having now made allies. James is there to capture everything on his camera.

In the aftermath, James' photo starts changing people's minds. In addition, Ben Lockwood's goal to have the Alien Amnesty Act repealed is put on hold due to the outcomes. J'onn's bloodlust for Manchester has grown and his "Manhunter" persona is back. He begins to hunt down Manchester on his own. Alex and Kara have another great couch scene where the two sisters recap the day's events. Then, out of nowhere, James is shot in his office by an unknown assailant! He lays on the ground bleeding out as the screen fades to black.

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#66 JamesCaptain Past 2019-03-15 22:21
Hopefully he is rescued, though it is a dramatic way to leave the show.
+1 #65 RE: Stand and Deliver RecapLibertyPrime 2019-03-15 17:29
Quoting ks774:
I can't believe they got into the Fortress of Solitude. Where was Kleenex?!

Simple self-preservation. Kelex 2 read about what happened to his predecessor and wanted no part of being the security detail. ;)
+2 #64 RE: Stand and Deliver RecapKelly 2019-03-15 15:53
Quoting ks774:
I can't believe they got into the Fortress of Solitude. Where was Kleenex?!

Nothing about this season is Super, didn't ya hear? NOW everyone is Super....which mesns everyone is invited to the FOS ...... Supergirl seems to be the last superhero to show up these days, hope she finds her way back to the Writer's Room soon.
+2 #63 RE: Stand and Deliver Recapks774 2019-03-13 23:00
I can't believe they got into the Fortress of Solitude. Where was Kleenex?!
+1 #62 RE: Stand and Deliver Admin 2019-03-13 18:27
Ok everyone, I think we need to take further conversation to the forum. We are way off topic for this news article. Thanks
+2 #61 RE: Stand and Deliver RecapSully 2019-03-13 16:08
Quoting Bob:
I don't want to go too far in defending what is just a theory, but I disagree with a couple of your points. CBS was spending a lot of money per episode on Supergirl in season 1. The ratings were pretty good, but apparently not quite good enough. Moving production to Vancouver reduced costs. Seasons 1 and 2 certainly had their problems - the show has never been really strong in the writing department - but characterizing season 2 as a train wreck doesn't seem fair to me. There were some really good episodes in season 2.
No worries. Like everyone else, mine's just an opinion.

The reason I classify Season 2 as a train wreck is because I feel that that was when the show went off the rails. That was the season it stopped being about Kara. Instead, the stories became about the side characters - Alex, Mon-El, James, J'onn and Lena. It felt like Kara was just along for the ride, helping them develop. Sure, it had good scenes - and I think that is something that SG does do very well at times. Emotional/gut wrenching scenes - just like it had earlier this season with Kara and Alex. But, overall, the writing was poor. I really can't recall a good, solid episode. And the action scenes, while maybe more prevalent, oftentimes had Kara still needing help. Starting with Superman carrying her off the bridge after a fight with Metallico and then when Kara was in the fight ring and got the wind knocked out of her just by getting pulled down by her cape just a few episodes later. Alex had to save her in that one.

Season 3, I feel like they tried to get back to putting Kara's story at the forefront, but couldn't quite get it together to fulfill a season of it. And in this season, I think the priority became the social issue they wanted to tell and are trying to figure out how to put Kara into that story.
#60 RE: Stand and Deliver RecapBrandtm2 2019-03-13 13:32
Quoting Illinoisandy:
I think the real reason why both Supwrrl is doing less and less fighting and the poor writing lies with to things. It's pretty clear that Supergirls as well as all the CWs DC shows have had their production budgets cut. They can barely afford to film any action scenes any more. As for the weak writing, I think. This is because both Quelled and Rovner have little or know past genre tv experience.

If the CW cut budgets that's short-sighted. Action shows need fight and rescue scenes. Without them ratings sag and you start a vicious circle.

At this point I'd settle for what the "Adventures of Superman" did. They'd do a flying scene, a bullets bounce of Superman scene etc. and show them again and again in succeeding episodes. It'd be pretty backward for 2019 but even that would be better than no action scenes for Supergirl.
#59 RE: Stand and Deliver RecapIllinoisandy 2019-03-13 11:06
I think the real reason why both Supwrrl is doing less and less fighting and the poor writing lies with to things. It's pretty clear that Supergirls as well as all the CWs DC shows have had their production budgets cut. They can barely afford to film any action scenes any more. As for the weak writing, I think. This is because both Quelled and Rovner have little or know past genre tv experience.
#58 RE: Stand and Deliver RecapBrandtm2 2019-03-13 08:37
Quoting superbill:
Quoting Bob:
I ran out of space. To complete my thoughts:

A wonderful aspect of Supergirl is the fact that it stars a female hero. Most Superhero shows and movies are headed by male heroes, while some include female team members. Supergirl is a woman and she headlines the show. So use that. Don't be afraid of letting the character be the main focus. There is no need to shy away from making her the equal of any male hero. Supergirl is a strong character. Melissa is a delightful and talented actor. I want to see more of Supergirl tangling with powerful foes, trying her best, taking her lumps, getting back up and finding the strength to overcome. That's what heroes do.

Well said, Bob (also including the first part of your post). I couldn't agree more.

Bob I'm also happy to second all your posts. You made a lot of excellent points.
+1 #57 RE: Stand and Deliver RecapBrandtm2 2019-03-13 08:34
Quoting Argo:
Just a note. It is rare that an actor has a heavy influence on a show, unless they also become an Executive Producer. While I believe that Melissa and Chyler, as well, can offer suggestions, their ability to have greater influence is far less than perceived.

One thing you may start noticing in the Arrowverse is some actors like David and Danielle Panabaler have been allowed to direct. For actors, this is a big deal. Otherwise, I believe that Melissa’s influence is not as great as we would wish.

Sorry to say, i hope the powers to be get the message from here as well as those comments coming from the Twitterverse and other social media.

Alan Alda was a major influence on M*A*S*H*. Regrettably it appears that Melissa is not another Alan Alda. As for the powers that be they should listen but I'm concerned that this is an example of groupthink. They only seem to be listening to themselves but not to others. They may not even have noticed that ratings have declined from season 2 to season 4. I'm glad the show was still renewed but it needs a change of direction. The present strategy isn't working.

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