Spoiler Free Review of Season 4 Premiere

One of our greatest pleasures being in the entertainment reporting business is getting to preview landmark episodes before they debut. It just so happens that this applies to Supergirl and we, once again, get the privilege of reviewing a season premiere for you, spoiler-free! Our initial reactions to the premiere are that Kara is back! She is happy and strong and from her perspective, Earth is in a great place. With three years of Supergirl under her belt, Kara has really adopted her leadership role. In addition, whatever magic Melissa found on the Broadway stage has made its way back to Vancouver. Kara feels familiar but Melissa has brought a little something special that we haven't seen before.

Brainy makes waves in his first full-time role on Supergirl. If you forgot even the slightest bit of how Brainy reacts in the 21st century, he will jar you back almost instantly. Look for great moments between him and Alex. Speaking of Alex, if you were worried that taking up the director role at the DEO would put the cuffs on Alex's innate badassery, then worry no more. Alex comes off very strong and even gets some field work too. As we know most of you are wondering, there is definitely a couch sister scene and it, as always, is incredibly sweet and addresses J'onn's commitment from the end of season 3.

J'onn is certainly different, both in attire, and attitude. There is a gracefulness that comes from seeing one of the most powerful aliens on Earth take up a pacifist role. While J'onn may be "out of the fight", he does take on a new and interesting role that keeps him continuously crossing paths with the Danvers sisters. Lena seems to be Lena again. Her Chaotic-Good nature continues to shine through as she helps James through the difficult times ahead of him after revealing he is The Guardian.

Finally, Nia Nal makes her big entrance this episode and she couldn't be any more like season one Kara Danvers. The relationship between the two is very Cat Grant/Kara Danvers-like. Kara even gets called out for channeling her inner Cat Grant. Nia makes a passionate plea for a new take on an otherwise dreary story which places her as someone to watch in Kara's eyes.

There are some incredible plot developments this episode as well, but we'll save that for our recap. We will say that for those who were worried that this season would be too political, we did NOT feel that way at all during this episode. There are some corollaries to real world events but they were handled in a way that, if you weren't looking for them, they would pass you by.

As for the loose ends that we were left with from the season three finale, we can say this:

  • Sam and Ruby are mentioned.
  • The show does address the doppelganger, but just a bit.
  • Lena has a new product on the market.
  • Sadly no Calista Flockhart this time.

For now, that is all we can say. Hopefully you enjoyed our spoiler-free review of the Supergirl season 4 premiere! You can watch and tweet along with us Sunday, October 14th at 8pm on both coasts! Come back to see our official recap too! For now, let us know your thoughts in the comments below and in our forum! Visit our support page and help keep advertisement free!

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#10 RE: Spoiler Free Review of Season 4 PremiereZoya 2018-10-16 20:27
Let's hear it for a soft reboot. Hope they keep the momentum going and remember what the fans have said they truly want.
#9 RE: Spoiler Free Review of Season 4 Admin 2018-10-12 10:45
Quoting Hayden77:
I don't think you can negate the political worries based on one episide

Agreed, but speaking for this episode alone, not bad.
#8 RE: Spoiler Free Review of Season 4 PremiereHayden77 2018-10-12 10:27
I don't think you can negate the political worries based on one episide
+3 #7 RE: Spoiler Free Review of Season 4 PremiereSSAV 2018-10-12 08:39
Quoting jacksc01:

Note: In the voting poll where it asked what are you most excited about for season 4, I wish one of the choices had been - seeing more strong SuperGirl action scenes. That is what I am most looking forward to.

Yeah! I am actually excited just to see Kara. I love Alex, and Danvers Sisters and like others.. but well, Kara is Kara.

Wish there was a Kara related option. As it is, I left everything because I would like to see how everything works. :)

On second thoughts.. I guess everyone is related to Kara. In that sense, I'd like an option where Danvers Sisters relationship faces some issues because of Alex's change in status at the DEO. To be resolved so that they come together strongly of course. But, it'd be fun to see both their insecurities explored.
#6 RE: Spoiler Free Review of Season 4 PremiereRomulus 2018-10-12 04:55
Only two more sleeps before the big day. 8) :D
+1 #5 RE: Spoiler Free Review of Season 4 Premierejacksc01 2018-10-12 02:29
What a beautiful surprise this morning to log on to the SuperGirl.TV site and get a spoiler-free review of the premiere episode. Thank you so much. From your summary the premiere contains all of the things that I love about this show so I cannot wait for Sunday to come. I know from the trailer that Kara looked like her old happy self but with new energy and SuperGirl 's energy of course is reflective of the Kara energy. Thank you for letting us know there is a Danver sister scene (which are my favorite parts of the show). This season looks like its going to be fantastic and I am so happy to be along for the ride :-)

Note: In the voting poll where it asked what are you most excited about for season 4, I wish one of the choices had been - seeing more strong SuperGirl action scenes. That is what I am most looking forward to.
+1 #4 RE: Spoiler Free Review of Season 4 PremiereMarysocontrary1 2018-10-11 22:43
It does sound like this season is going to be a sort of soft reboot for the series, which is what I was hoping for.

Unfortunately I don' t think we will be seeing any sneak peeks this season, beyond the little bit that's been shown in interviews with Nicole. The CW didn't release any for The Flash or Black Lightning. I think the only other time will be a sneak peek of Batwoman meeting Supergirl, The Flash, and Green Arrow.
+1 #3 RE: Spoiler Free Review of Season 4 Premierekdogg87 2018-10-11 21:01
I'm really eager for this season. Melissa seems enthusiastic, I love Brainy, and it seems to be a fresh feeling, this year.

There is lots of potential.
+2 #2 RE: Spoiler Free Review of Season 4 PremiereBrierrose 2018-10-11 20:10
Melissa did seem I think the best word is invigorated during the interviews she did at SDCC. She's also said that playing Carole King has given her a new perspective on playing Kara. I'm sure getting to flex as she called them different "acting muscles" was a good thing for her creatively. I want the writers to give her challenging material because that's what an artist like her needs to keep that energy.

Good to hear Nicole Maines is starting off on the right foot, she's young and doesn't have much acting experience so that was a concern for me when she was cast. This cast has such top notch actors that what's considered good acting on other shows looks sub-par on this one.
+1 #1 RE: Spoiler Free Review of Season 4 Premierestarlord 2018-10-11 17:31
Cool. Yep Lena is going evil and i am all for it

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