Season 4 Features Powergirl

Ever since Barry Allen ran so fast that he appeared on Earth 38, fans have wondered, where is Kara Zor-El on other Earths? We were treated to the first doppleganger of Kara in the biggest superhero crossover event in television history last year on Crisis on Earth-X! That said, one doppleganger has stood out among all others, that of course is Kara Zor-L aka Powergirl! Well today, we can finally say fans are going to meet the famous alternate version of Supergirl and in a BIG way! Many sites have been reporting lately that a season 4 is just on the horizon. We've learned that the delay for the announcement is due to one single factor. This next part does pain us to say, but, Melissa Benoist is moving on from Supergirl, exiting before season 4. We can't really blame her as her talents and her reputation outside of the superhero community have been so stellar that a move to bigger projects was her only next step.

Before we start to examine what this might mean for the end of season 3, (likely Supergirl's death saving the world), we are learning now that Gemma Atkinson, who originally read for the role of Supergirl, has been tapped to take the lead for the show in season 4! She will reveal herself in an upcoming episode as Powergirl from Earth 2. She will arrive on the planet via an accident that she and special guest star Jay Garrick (John Wesley Shipp) cause when the two try to return to Earth One to help Barry and team with their problem with The Thinker. Not much else is known but we've heard rumors that Karen will establish her trademark on Earth 38 almost immediately with the help of Lena Luthor and run a division of L Corp specifically known as Star Industries!

What lays in store for Kara Zor-El for the rest of this season and when Kara Zor-L appears is still not known but this all but confirms a season 4 is guaranteed! While again, it will be very difficult for us to imagine the show without Melissa Benoist who has been the very definition of Supergirl, we are excited to welcome Gemma Atkinson to the role of Powergirl and see where this show will go with the titular character! Of course, if you believe all of this, then there is a bridge I would like to sell you in China! By now, if you haven't figured it out . . . April Fools!

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+1 #31 RE: Season 4 Features PowergirlColemanMT 2018-04-02 08:47
Oh %$#@! I nearly had a heart attack. Thank god that was an April Fool's joke :)
#30 RE: Season 4 Features PowergirlSSAV 2018-04-01 21:31
Damn! I am neutral on the Powergirl concept--from the title, I thought you were talking about Ruby--but the part about Melissa leaving almost gave me a nervous breakdown. I was making up my mind to never watch the show ever again (though I would continue to follow Melissa's career).

I have not been exposed to your pranks in earlier years (or, I can't remember them). Probably why.

Anyways, very well done! :) The relief we felt and the idea of how we would feel if Melissa were to actually leave the show so early in the series were worth being pranked.
+3 #29 Not fake news!Jtardy 2018-04-01 18:42
I agree with GJones4796 that the phenomenon of fake news is not funny. Indeed it is potentially a serious threat to democracy.
BUT this article is clearly not fake news, as it declares itself as fake at the end. Real fake news insists it is true (if you see what I mean!).
We have not yet lost the freedom to have fun. I am sure Kara would fight for that as well as for truth.
#28 Irresponsible and ChildishGJones4796 2018-04-01 18:05
i know this won't earn me any fans but speaking as a journalist and journalism teacher for more than 20 years I continue to view April's Fool "news" as irresponsible journalism and a completely self-centered service to the forum and not to the readers they are pledged to serve. When people come to this page they expect to see credible, factual information about the CW Supergirl show. What you have presented here is none of that and frankly, borders on libel. (Does Gemma Atkinson really want you using her name and likeness in a lie about a pro ported TV show? You've lied about her. Whether you did it as a joke or not is irrelevant. You lied about her.) However, in a day and age when fake news dominates the media, this fits right it -- and, undoubtably, fosters the mentality that there is nothing wrong with this and that it's all in good fun. Stories like this engender that kind of belief in fake news. Fake news undermines your credibility. Like I said, I won't win any fans for this, but as Supergirl points out so many times: standing up for the truth more often than not gets you persecuted. Hey, didn't they crucify Jesus for telling the truth? Oh yeah, they did. Happy Easter, by the way!
#27 RE: Season 4 Features PowergirlFedguy 2018-04-01 17:26
Well done I'd be disappointed if there was no april 1st gig
#26 One more thingJemma 2018-04-01 15:03
Even though losing Kara would be a tragedy it would be interesting to see how the group dynamic would change with a loss like that. Also, how would losing Kara send a shockwave through all of the arrowverse shows?
#25 AHHHHHJemma 2018-04-01 15:01
THAT WAS SO SCARY!! I SUCK AT REMEBERING ITS APRIL 1ST AND ALWAYS FALL FOR PRANKS. But after searching the web when it said Melissa was leaving I realised it was a prank. ;)
#24 RE: Season 4 Features PowergirlTriggy 2018-04-01 11:09
I'm surprised at myself for having the sense to be careful of pranks today, but this did not stop me to really wonder if there are non-identical doppelgangers in the multiverse. It took me a good half a minute to remember that there never are non-identical doppelgangers because it defeats the definition of the word "doppelganger".

Consider me fooled :oops:
#23 I think I just died!Meadows 2018-04-01 10:14
I'm pretty sure I just died. I also realized how rough life will be when/if Supergirl ends!! (Just the idea of the writers killing Supergirl is enough to make my heart stop!)
#22 RE: Season 4 Features Powergirlsuperbill 2018-04-01 10:14
Yeah, you got me good! Congrats on a first-rate prank. I'd like to think that at my age I'm not that gullible, so instead I will attribute my moment of panic to the high degree of veracity which I depend on from this site. And that is no April Fool! Thanks for all you do.

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