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No matter how evil and insane you might have thought Overgirl was, she was matched evenly in powers against Supergirl. When it comes to Reign, that doesn't seem to be the case! Tonight's mid-season finale left viewers with a sight we've never seen on Supergirl, our heroine bested despite her best efforts. That of course, was the most shocking moment to us, but we also learned about the formation of the Legion of Superheroes, created by Mon-El and inspired by Supergirl, as well as James and Lena sharing a special moment. Here are the all the moments that stood out to us:

  1. Reign's Confused: While Reign did awaken, she doesn't remember the awakening moment. It would seem that she is suffering from some kind of split personality disorder. Lapses in memory and confusion are sure to follow. It could also explain why she is always feeling so tired.
  2. The Legion Was Made in Supergirl's Image: Mon-El founded the Legion of Superheroes in honor of Supergirl and by the example she set forth. As we learn, in the 31st century, the governments of the many planets known to man were in chaos. Mon-El founded the Legion to become a beacon of hope and to carry on the work and examples that Supergirl had laid out in our time. There, during the seven years he spent, the Legion began fighting a darkness, one that threw them back in time 12,000 years. They were waiting out the time difference in cryo-sleep when the torpedo in episode 1 woke Mon-El up.
  3. Christmas Party: There were too many cute moments here to capture them all but we'll try and mention a few. Hall and Oats, M'yrnn's love of hot cocoa, Star Wars the Empire Strikes Back and the live special reference, Alex and Ruby talking about Supergirl, Kara calling Lena and Sam her best friends, and Lena gushing over James.
  4. A Lost Religion: Thomas Coville reappears and makes contact with Kara. He reveals that he knows about a lost Kryptonian religion that prophesied the coming of the devil. Coville says it best that Supergirl's purpose may now be to smite the devil before she becomes the new god in power.
  5. Reign's Justice: Reign seems to be influenced by what is going on in Sam's life. She is attacking elements that make her life easier like the 1-7 gang and going after Morgan Edge. It's not clear yet just how much control she has or how much of Sam is left, but their connection is clear and Reign's sense of justice is being defined through Sam.
  6. Lena and James: After saving her life twice, Lena and James finally kiss. We think this was done kind of perfectly, James isn't as innocent as he is presented in the comics and Lena is certainly the kind of woman who takes what she wants. While they may have shared a drink, it was the kiss that had a lasting effect.
  7. Reign Battle: It was brutal. We knew it was going to be a pretty powerful fight from what we saw on the preview images, but we had no idea it was going to be that brutal! Reign literally beat Kara within an inch of her life! She was fighting to kill and was hitting hard enough to draw blood without Kryptonite. That was the most insane and powerful fight we've ever seen on this show! It way out did the Superman vs Supergirl fight and it has placed Reign atop Supergirl in power rankings to make her the STRONGEST character in the entire Arrowverse! WOW!

If your jaw is on the floor or you feel faint from the epicness of this episode, we can totally understand! Tell us about it in the comments below and in the forum! While this was the last Supergirl episode for the next 42 days, we'll still be here giving you all the news and spoilers we can. Be sure to come by during the holiday break and connect with your friends and fellow fans. Also, help us keep the site up and running over the break and visit the support page! We can't do it without your help. Thanks.

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+1 #116 RE: Reign Admin 2017-12-19 09:05
Quoting the_hedgehog2002uk:
I have just watched the reign episode (I know I am late in watching it - here in the UK), but I haven't been very interested in watching much tv inc. supergirl (as my mum recently passed away (aged only 68 - its been a very upsetting time), I found the episode absolutely brilliant a definite 5 out of 5 - especially the fight at the end, cant wait for it to start again (in the uk I believe it will be sometime in feb), I found this out from sky when I emailed them (unfortunately they haven't given me an exact date, so I will as usual be keeping up with the latest news from SUPERGIRL.TV.

Sorry to hear about your mom but glad you enjoyed the episode! We're always here if you wanna talk about the Girl of Steel!
#115 Reign Recapthe_hedgehog2002uk 2017-12-19 07:55
I have just watched the reign episode (I know I am late in watching it - here in the UK), but I haven't been very interested in watching much tv inc. supergirl (as my mum recently passed away (aged only 68 - its been a very upsetting time), I found the episode absolutely brilliant a definite 5 out of 5 - especially the fight at the end, cant wait for it to start again (in the uk I believe it will be sometime in feb), I found this out from sky when I emailed them (unfortunately they haven't given me an exact date, so I will as usual be keeping up with the latest news from SUPERGIRL.TV.
#114 Reign--REVIEW Pt. 6RobertAnthony 2017-12-11 17:10
The thing is gang we have to wait until 1/15/18 past Christmas and New Year’s and repeats, and the WPIX Yule Log here in NYC (a treat you must see and can do so online) before these and other questions will be answered when Supergirl returns and hopefully National City can get help from The Legion of Superheroes.

This episode is directed by Pilot director Glen Winter with incredible intensity and co-written by Paula Yoo & Caitlin Parrish.

And let me say to the staff and posters here and in the forum…a Merry Christmas, Buona Natale, Feliz Navidad, Joyeux Noël and Happy New Year!

Speaking of the Forum, I am going to start an off topic post about Christmas/Holiday traditions and such.
#113 Reign--REVIEW Pt. 5RobertAnthony 2017-12-11 15:26
But as a Christmas party is going on the two aliens engage in a fight to Brenda Lee’s Rocking around the Christmas Tree…weird. The fight is on and Reign delivers the worst beatdown Supergirl has ever taken. The war gets taken to the streets. It’s so bad, Kara is forced to her knees…EVEN BLEEDING. But despite one major blow to Reign, Supergirl is blasted by heat vision. Reign threatens death and she LETS KARA GO SENDING HER TO THE GROUND BELOW! Her outfit torn and tattered and house of El removed and she is left laying cross style…shades of the death of Superman 25 years ago. She is taken to the DEO emergency unit and as Mon-el and Imra and everyone looks on, she is fading fast.

Why didn’t anyone help Kara, writers?! Despite this…this was the most intense fight in the show’s run…and sadly Supergirl is beaten within an inch of her life.

And now I must ask…IS THIS THE END?! Has Supergirl met her ultimate fate? But then, back at Sam’s home Ruby wakes up on Christmas Day, only to find…HER MOM IS NOT WHO SHE IS. Is Sam about to kill her daughter the same way she has perhaps killed the last hope of National City? And what about Mon-el and Imra? Will they realize their destiny and become The Legion of Superheroes and has someone else join the team? What will happen?
#112 Reign--REVIEW Pt. 4RobertAnthony 2017-12-11 15:25
At the DEO, the mystery is solved…Edge is not involved. But Mon-El and Kara have another argument before she heads into danger. Kara says Mon-el has no love in his eyes. Then Edge and Lena have a talk. But then…HERE COMES REIGN! Edge hides in a secret lead-lined office. Back at the DEO, the gang get word Edge will hold a presser. Supergirl then takes to the skies…and leaves her symbol on the Catco building.

At the presser, Edge puts the blame on Supergirl…THE TRICKY DEVIL! At Catco, James and Lena’s friendship blossoms, which looks to me like a mistake with a forced kiss. Any thoughts of bubbly chemistry between James and Lena has now gone flat as the writers in essence stick their tongues out at shipper crazy so-called fans.

Back at the DEO Mon-El and Imra do some training, but Kara looks on in disgust. Winn walks in with Alex telling her Reign has challenged her to a fight. Alex tell her sister forget about humanity…Reign is a MONSTER. And it’s time for her to be alien. At the top of the Catco building, Kara and Reign meet and reign delivers a speech saying judgment is due. A so-called cleansing is in order for Earth. After Supergirl refuses to step down, Reign responds by pushing Supergirl off the building.
#111 Reign--REVIEW Pt. 3RobertAnthony 2017-12-11 15:25
It’s there she meets up with Thomas Coville (Chad Lowe) the demented cult leader from “The Faithful” who while talking to Kara warns of this prophecy after the Reign symbols are found all over National City. And he says there is still a lot she DOES NOT know. Especially about the World Killer. He then says he met the Fort Rozz captives. Three steps mark work and reign of the beast. This is a battle between the ultimate angel and the devil in namely Reign.

At L Corp, Sam is deftly confused by things in the world. But as Ruby comes in, she comforts her and tells her about a job she got in Central City and one terrible Christmas but it turned out okay. I could almost cry as the end of Sam Arias was coming. But Sam gives Ruby a necklace with the “S”

Back at the DEO, Kara and Imra have a Supergirl to Saturn Girl talk. There Imra explains how she and Mon-El met. Back on their Edge kick, they go to a junkyard…when they find a member of the gang…but James takes care of him. On the pier we meet a bunch of rag-tags who then take part in a drug deal. But then…REIGN ATTACKS THE GANG. But she is more like a super powered Batgirl or 10,000 of them put together…Holy Barbara Gordon. Back at Catco, once again Edge is on the brain. While the TV is on…Sam walks away and SHIRT RIPS TO AGAIN BECOME REIGN.
#110 Reign--REVIEW Pt. 2RobertAnthony 2017-12-11 15:24
Meanwhile at the Danvers pad, the gang gathers for a ham, egg nog and gifts galore. And we even get to hear Hall and Oates Jingle Bell Rock a request from Jonn Jones and Myrnn…great taste in music gentlemen and Space grandpa fall in love with hot chocolate. Request, please keep Carl Lumbly showrunners. We all could use a grandfather with a mix of child-like innocence and adult wisdom on the show like him

But then the party’s over as it’s reported the Reign symbol shows up. Kara then speaks to AI Alura (Erica Durance) who makes the Reign symbol an even bigger mystery. At CatCo James calls a meeting though on Christmas Eve he asks reporters and staff to get to work. Lena thinks it’s Morgan Edge who is pulling this off. Then Lena and Jim head to Edge’s office and put the blame for the signs on him. But he denies it…and turns out to be right, though Lena in her blind rage won’t admit it.

Then at the alien dive bar, Kara and Winn run into Mon-El and Saturn Girl who are putting away ribs. Kara and Mon-El talk about that ship as Imra is introduced to beer and Mon-El reminds Kara of her drink. But then Kara gets a call from the pen.
#109 Reign--REVIEW Pt. 1RobertAnthony 2017-12-11 15:23
Sorry for being late...was taking care of my mother who was dealing with bronchitis. Now that I have some's my review.

As the first half of Supergirl’s solid, but dark third season wraps it’s done in an episode where someone could end up meeting their fate.

As Sam has a nightmare, Ruby comes in just as she wakes up and tells her what happened. But Sam denies this. Reign seems to have taken over. The tragedy that is Sam Arias to Reign reaches its pinnacle after a sad buildup where in the episode before the crossover. It is there we hear about the umpteenth trillionth end of days prophecy. The writers need to know there is a passage in the Bible which says no one knows when that day will come. So we are looking at a false prophecy here.

Then at the DEO Mon-El explains how the 31st Century isn’t that much different from today. In another subplot and what is becoming a dreadful love triangle, Saturn Girl and Mon-El tell a dejected and even angrier than before Kara about how they are part of The Legion (of Superheroes) and how Saturn Girl was inspired in seeing Kara, though in her mood, she’s not up for much glad hands. Mon-El asks the DEO for help, but expects to stay in the present for the moment as the ship faces repairs.
#108 RE: Reign RecapBrierrose 2017-12-10 21:19
Quoting Stewart Tick:
"Yeah theres no way to physically beat Reign I think. It has to be an appeal to her emotions , i.e. Ruby somehow."

Except maybe kryptonite - after all she is Kryptonian, so she should have that weakness...

If they go with the comics then Reign isn’t Kryptonian like Kara and Clark. In the comics the Worldkillers were created by genetically manipulateing the embryos of other alien species. If they go with that origin then Kryptonite will have no effect on Reign. It could also be used to explain why Reign was able to take all those punches Kara gave her.
#107 RE: Reign RecapStewart Tick 2017-12-10 11:12
"As an aside, would Kryptonite also affect Ruby too or not? Im curious about that."

Well, that's genetics! Is the gene (or genes) that code for the life-threatening allergy to kryptonite dominant or recessive? If it's dominant, then Ruby very likely has that weakness, too. If it's recessive, then most likely not ;)

(Science teacher in-joke - tongue in cheek :)

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