Reign is Revealed

What does Odette Anabelle's Reign look like when she finally adopts her alter-ego? Well now we no longer need to wonder! The CW and Warner Brothers has released the first official image of Reign to be revealed on screen later this season! Due to the timing of this reveal, we are curious if the first time we see this suit up might be around episode 9, titled Reign! Will Reign be looking to be an ally to Supergirl before she turns fully dark or is this the full blown realization of Reign? Your guess is as good as ours!

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#33 REIGN REVEALEDFrancis_1958 2017-11-07 18:43
The costume looks nice.
Odette will be a worthy adversary for SUPERGIRL.
How will Ruby react to her mom in costume?
What about Ruby herself since she is half-Kryptonian?
What kind of powers will Ruby eventually develop?
Season three is shaping up to be a great season!
+1 #32 RE: Reign is Revealedalexh1144 2017-11-03 09:28
That is a really cool costume and I really like the black. I think it will look really effective against supergirl's red and blue one.
#31 RE: Reign is Revealedjacksc01 2017-10-31 08:27
The costume looks okay to me - as others have mentioned, SuperGirl when she changed her outfit in the epsiode "Fallen" it wasn't a scary outfit but boy did Melissa's acting ever make her scary - that was superb acting. I'm more interested in her ability to fight SuperGirl. I hope she starts out evil and only becomes more evil as time goes on. Don't really want to see another do-gooder with SuperGirl's powers. Like I said, I rather she start out and continue to be evil.
#30 RE: Reign is RevealedKiwi 2017-10-31 02:17
I personally like the costume, looks good on Odette, bring on Reign for an epic battle with Supergirl.
#29 RE: Reign is RevealedThalolli 2017-10-31 02:05
What's the spikey thing hanging over her shoulder?
+1 #28 RE: Reign is RevealedDraftingDrafter 2017-10-30 21:48
Odette looks fabulous! But I was severely underwhelmed by this look; it just looks like another black leather get up that the cw loves to dress their female villains in (I am loving the crest though).

There's a lot of good idea exchange going on in the comments so I've become hopeful that we'll get a different 'final form' Reign (maybe for the finale).
#27 RE: Reign is RevealedKEV-EL 2017-10-30 18:56
From the neck down, the costume looks superb! It looks serious, forceful, and aggressive. The face mask - well, what's there is fine, but how about an eye cover like on a Spiderman costume? Or better yet, a very bright red or blue light outlining the eye opening and obscuring Samantha's eyes?

Just capturing my first impressions . . .

A world killer needs to make a statement!
#26 RE: Reign is RevealedSuperMatt 2017-10-30 17:20
My question is how Reign might see will a fully bad Reign see Ruby still as her daughter or as an obstacle? Or even worse, would a fully bad reign try to turn Ruby into a full world killer too since she also has the genes for it?

And i say yes to Reign at least trying to start being heroic but then quickly getting shut down by the DEO freaking out over another Kryptonian around.
#25 RE: Reign is RevealedInk Slinger 2017-10-30 16:55
Can't say I'm scared. I kinda want to hand her some candy. Maybe it's because it's Halloween tomorrow.

I hope it's not the final look. Or it's up to OA acting skill to sell Reign. I've not seen her in anything before. So far she's great for the benign Mom image, so I hope she has the acting chops to be Supergirl's scariest Villain.
+1 #24 RE: Reign is Revealedstarlord 2017-10-30 16:49
This cant be the final phase. That nightmare in the season premiere of Kara’s mother becoming that Reign like monster has to be her destiny. What else was that nightmare for

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