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Tonight was the third to last episode of the season and we can't remind you enough, also the third to last Supergirl on a Monday (the show moves to Sundays next season). Based on the events of last week's episode, this week felt like it could have been the season finale. We started right off with a HUGE fight between Reign, Mon-El and Supergirl. Of course, knowing that the season is 23 episodes long, the bigger twist was just being set up! There was a major leak in the DEO also! Beyond that, here's what stood out to us:

  1. Reign vs Supergirl & Mon-El (with Lena): The last episode literally ends with Reign's escape and Kara and Mon-El's arrival. The three lunge at each other and the fight begins. Tonight, we joined up right were we left off! I was really impressed with how well done the fight scene went. I took special note of the destruction caused in Lena's lab. At one point, Mon-El dives at Reign and takes out a huge chunk of her old cell. There was a ton of strength in that battle!
  2. Reign is Subdued: With the help of cape tricks and a few luck punches, Reign is subdued and the concoction Lena created is injected into Reign. The liquid takes effect almost immediately and Sam is separated from Reign. We are led to believe that Reign evaporates just after...
  3. Alex and Kara Talking Argo: Alex almost immediately knows that Kara is saying goodbye for an undetermined amount of time. There are some incredible lines between the sisters here that you need to see and not read, no one can do them better than Melissa and Chyler.
  4. Guardian Saves a Police Officer: With Supergirl off to Argo, National City needs to ramp up its policing. Guardian is now the only superhero in town. He shows up in the nick of time to save a police officer targeted with weaponry likely created for use by the DEO. Guardian heads to the DEO to tell J'onn and let Winn inspect the weaponry.
  5. Kara and Mon-El Escape a Construction Accident: While on Argo, Mon-El and Kara take a stroll through Argo and Mon-El runs into his friend Val. Just then a construction accident happens and nearly crushes a newly un-powered Kara. Mon-El is able to grab Val in the nick of time. Shortly after, Mon-El offers Kara his legion ring in case she needs it to fly.
  6. Kara is Having Trouble Adjusting to Argo: Just like she did when she arrived on Earth, Kara is having a difficult time letting go of her Supergirl persona and her heroic persona. She is also using her investigative journalism skills to hunt something she thinks she sees on Argo. Of course, while Kara's friend Thara Ak-Var (better known as Flamebird from the comics) and her mom think that Kara isn't adjusting well, we know Selena is up to something.
  7. Kara and Mon-El Talk it Out: Kara has Mon-El with her on Argo and he provides a perfect balance of knowing what it's like to be somewhere new while being a link to her life on Earth. While they start talking about Kara's uneasiness about being on Argo and the feeling that something is somehow working against her, Mon-El tells Kara that he is there to also sort out his feelings for Imra and for Kara. Kara and Mon-El seem just on the cusp of kissing when another attack on Kara's life commences! Thankfully the legion ring saves the day but postpones Kara and Mon-El's talk.
  8. J'onn Stops a Gunman then Eliminates the DEO's use of Deadly Weapons: This kind of speaks for itself but J'onn is able to stop the gunman at the law firm using inspiration just like Kara does. The event persuades J'onn to ban all future use of deadly weapons at the DEO and J'onn asks Winn to develop new weapons for the DEO.

Major wrap-up moments in this episode are almost too much to cover but ... Kara's would-be murderer is captured by Thara Ak-Var and the almost killer reveals that she is a follower of Reign's religion. Furthermore, Selena and two of her followers steal J'onn's ship to return to Earth and thus trap Supergirl and Mon-El on Argo. Selena's ship is guided to a landing spot via Coville where Selena immediately rebuilds the Fortress of Sanctuary. Kara knows she's trapped, Alex looks at an adoption website and J'onn and M'yrnn discuss and prepare for the reach which shares all of M'yrnn's memories with J'onn. Finally, the connection with Selena and Sam is not fully gone and their arrival is felt by Sam. Whew! And that all happens in roughly 55 seconds at the end!

Let us know what you thought about the episode tonight in the comments below and in the forum! Fun fact, we crossed the 1,200 news articles mark! Thank you all for being with us for so long! Here's to another 1,200! Keep us advertisement free and visit the support page to keep those news articles coming!

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+1 #57 RE: Not Kansas Recapsuperbill 2018-06-09 18:58
Overall I thought this was a pretty good episode. Didn't see it until Friday, and after reading the comments I viewed it a second time this afternoon. Really liked the Argo scenes; they were beautifully photographed and very well acted. The early scenes between Kara and Alex were also outstanding. Agree that Lena, Eve, and Winn could become an interesting dynamic. However I'm really not getting the objections that the gun issue was heavy-handed and dominated the episode. By my count that storyline took about 12 minutes of the 42 minute runtime. It's a hot button issue, and perhaps some of it could have been trimmed, but I don't think it was presented unfairly. About 4 minutes of that time was the initial attack, discussing the threat and finding who was responsible. The two sides of the issue were discussed by J'onn and the manufacturer and shortly thereafter by James and Lena (about 3 minutes). J'onn talking down Arthur and getting him to surrender his gun was a well done scene (also about 3 minutes). Even J'onn's disarmament proposal is dependent on Winn developing an effective non-lethal substitute (2 minutes). Bottom line, I am OK with these types of topics being addressed as secondary plot lines, and it seemed balanced and proportional.
+2 #56 RE: Not Kansas RecapKelly 2018-06-07 11:20
This episode was one that I actually went to the writers about on Twitter....not that it does any good or they even read
But, though I agreed with every single word that was spoken about gun control, to me there several problems.
1. Totally out of character for Jonn.
2. Total non-use of guns by a military agency that is to protect people, is ridiculous.
3. 3rd to the last episode was not the time for this, nor should it have been in an episode that needed more time with Kara on Argo.
4. You had a portion of the episode that should have had the lionshare of screen time.
5. The gun control story did not further the actual central story one bit.

It was a chance for a departing writer to have a chance to give her gun control stance a last hit. That is, in my opinion, not what the writers should use this for. I'm all for social commentary, but to fill an entire episode with it, and it doesn't further the actual story was wrong.

So, though I'm for gun control, and very much agreed with the stance on the show, other than the "no guns" policy for the DEO, this was out of place, not the time and far too heavy handed.

ALSO, for all those that have griped about the political commentary on the show, PLEASE DO NOT use my reply as a jumping off point for your rant.
+2 #55 RE: Not Kansas RecapKiwi 2018-06-07 04:12
Quoting MayaSky:
If I can grasp the absence of Kal El, Eliza's is totally incomprehensible. If the actress could not be present, a little phone call would have been enough.

I was happy enough that Eliza wasn't in the episode, if she was it would've only been a 30 second cameo and that's not sufficient. If the episode was totally different whereby Kara actually takes her time coming to a decision, part of that could have shown Kara flying to Midvale to talk with Eliza about it.

I just hope with prospect of Alura coming to Earth that in the final 2 episodes there's a meeting between Alura and Eliza (with Kara there of course).
+1 #54 RE: Not Kansas RecapKiwi 2018-06-07 04:00
Quoting Admin:
Quoting Kiwi:
Selena is mentioned by name again in this episode so does she decide to call herself Serena (as per the episode 22 and 23 description) while on Earth?. I keep thinking that Serena must be a typo by The CW and she is meant to be named Selena. Will just have to wait and see.

I checked with PR about it. Serena is a typo.

Thanks Eric for checking, appreciate it.

The fact she is named Selena makes me happy as in my own mind now I know it's a nod to the Supergirl movie. :-)
#53 RE: Not Kansas Recapks774 2018-06-06 20:42
Maybe the boy in Argo City was named Val as a play on “Valor”

My sister and I really loved the Danvers sisters scenes :')
+3 #52 RE: Not Kansas RecapStewart Tick 2018-06-06 13:54
"She (Lena) should have had a lab coat on in the lab :-* "

But at least she was wearing her protective eyewear :-)
(Believe me, I have trouble getting my students to even do that!)
+1 #51 RE: Not Kansas RecapAngie66 2018-06-06 12:23
I'm really mad that the person that tried to attack Kara ruined a beautiful moment between Kara and monel.
+1 #50 RE: Not Kansas RecapLittlegoldfish666 2018-06-06 10:52
I'm still trying to get my head around Alura not aging. Why do I get the feeling all isn't as it seems with Argo. I'm beginning to question whether that is indeed Argo and Alura. It's odd that Kara hasn't noticed. The going away psrty was abrupt and lacked any real emotion.

But does anyone actually believe Kara will leave for good? The show is called Supergirl? Wouldn't be much of a showe without the star :D It may have worked more had it been maybe a series finale wondering if Kara would go back home or stay on Earth. There is no connection between this Alura and Kara. I don't know if it's deliberate on the writers part or just lacking chemistry between the actors.

Little light reading there Lena? :D She should have had a lab coat on in the lab :-*

Thank goodness for that robot stopping Kara from making a huge mistake.

A secret government military organisation that fight powerful Aliens gets frid of their guns? What could possibly go wrong, and now Alex looking at an Adoption site? That doesn't have to happen so fast

Overall I thought there was just too much going on in the one ep
+2 #49 RE: Not Kansas Admin 2018-06-06 09:40
Quoting Kiwi:
Selena is mentioned by name again in this episode so does she decide to call herself Serena (as per the episode 22 and 23 description) while on Earth?. I keep thinking that Serena must be a typo by The CW and she is meant to be named Selena. Will just have to wait and see.

I checked with PR about it. Serena is a typo.
+1 #48 RE: Not Kansas RecapThalolli 2018-06-06 03:52
I don't think that Mehcad has the power to MAKE them write something about his life. Maybe they asked him for his input or heard his story and were inspired by it. Why should they not write something drive people away when it is 1.) totally real and 2.) apparently something people genuinely weren't aware of?

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