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We've been thinking about this for a while but to be honest, it was kdogg87 that put us over the top! He recently described his favorite scene in our previous article and it pulled us back into the power of that scene almost instantly! Eric will admit that "Red Faced" was one of his top three because of the scene and the music when Supergirl blew up Red Tornado with both her power and her rage! UGHHH So good! Supergirl is a very unique show because there are moments when it dares to go very deep, very challenging for actors, and they ALWAYS deliver! Chyler and Melissa, Melissa and David, Mehcad and Katie, we could go on and on but the end all is that there are moments in this show where the human condition is on full display!

So ... with four seasons and 87 episodes, there is no way that we are going to accurately create a poll off the cuff. With that said, we want you, our users, to nominate a scene for best scene of the show! Here's how this is going to work:


At this stage, we are in nomination mode. As best as you can, describe the scene you want to nominate. Give it a unique descriptive name (short is appreciated), include the episode number (or name), the season, and if you are able roughly the time in the episode it appears without commercials. Secondly, you can support someone's nomination by saying "I support (name of scene)" where (name of scene) is replaced with the name the commenter previously gave it (two per commenter please). I know this is going to be a bit difficult and I know that there are going to be a lot of duplicates not knowing a scene was already nominated, but I promise I will sort through it all and create a poll for top 20! Below is an example nomination:

"Supergirl Destroys Red Tornado" Ep: Red Faced, Season 1, Occurs around end of episode.

Share your favorite scene with us as we described above in the comments below but persuade your friends in the forum! Keep us advertisement free and visit the support page if you can!

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#48 RE: Nominate Your Favorite Sceneannapm02 2019-06-25 18:58
I nominate the scene from Season One where Alex admits to Kara that she killed Astra!i love it.
#47 RE: Nominate Your Favorite Scenefanfan 2019-06-24 11:00
* the "stopping the ship scene" between Kara and Alex in exodus.
* The scene when Kara came back from the dead (take the grass) in Red Dawn great acting by Chyler
+1 #46 Supergirl lifts Fort Rozz into spacekoamom3 2019-06-22 17:45
I would like to nominate "Supergirl lifts Fort Rozz into space" Ep 20, Season 1, Occurs near the end of the episode.

At this point, Kara was still relatively new to being a superhero. Yet she was willing to sacrifice her own life to save Earth. That scene was exciting to watch, the special effects/CGI was great, the music was emotional and phenomenal, and the part where Kara enters space and floats away from Fort Rozz was just beautiful!
#45 Alex's mind is wiped :(SupergirlWriters 2019-06-21 18:21
So I already voted and I dont know If I actually can vote again, but I just remembered a beautiful scene from season 4 that deserves to be nominated and thats in Season 4: Episode 10 “Suspicious Minds” The end of the episode, where Alex tells Kara that she has to be mind wiped. The acting in that scene was stunning
+1 #44 Favourite sceneJtardy 2019-06-21 05:52
This is fun and difficult. There are so many good scenes to consider, and I like all of those already identified!
As a counterbalance to the tremendous emotional scenes (Supergirl stopping the Spaceship in Exodus; Alex admitting she had killed Astra; Supergirl waking up from the Black Mercy etc.) I love the “cute” moments, eg in the opening collage of Season 4 when Supergirl gives the young girl her balloon back, and the humour eg when Mon el announces at the DEO that he and Kara are an item and they are referred to HR!
With such a range of scenes being identified, I wonder if it would make it easier to group scenes in various categories as already suggested.
#43 RE: Nominate Your Favorite Scenemuckle9999 2019-06-20 13:27
Quoting Captain Past:
I vaguely recall a scene in which Kara is on another planet with a red sun, guard starts to point a gun in her direction, so she decks him, one punch to the jaw. Or do I misremember?

Yes that was Supergirl lives episode but it was on the slave moon. When Supergirl came through the portal she was attacked by an alien and she knocked him out with one punch and then another alien attacked her and she knocked him out as well. One of the alien's got back up and pointed a gun at Supergirl but Monty came through the portal and punched him out. But they both had lost their powers due to the red sun. I remember at the end of that episode Alex shot off the yellow grenade into the sky which gave Supergirl her powers back. Great episode.
+2 #42 When Alex admits she killed AstraMeadows 2019-06-20 12:55
I nominate the scene from Season One where Alex admits to Kara that she killed Astra! Such a moving scene!
#41 SceneCaptain Past 2019-06-20 11:30
I vaguely recall a scene in which Kara is on another planet with a red sun, guard starts to point a gun in her direction, so she decks him, one punch to the jaw. Or do I misremember?
+1 #40 RE: Nominate Your Favorite SceneKiwi 2019-06-20 03:17
I have 2 more scenes I'd like to nominate:

Pilot - S1 E1 - About 20 minutes in and it's the costume scene, totally fun, action mixed in with the development of the costume and a special ending as we get to see Melissa in full Supergirl costume for the very first time, so beautiful (both Melissa and the costume) :-) .

How Does She Do It? - S1 E5 - About 20 minutes in and Supergirl flies the bomb out of National City, this was the most exciting to me of the 3 awesome saves she made in the episode.
#39 RE: Nominate Your Favorite Scenemuckle9999 2019-06-19 15:26
Quoting LibertyPrime:
I'm not sure how I would even start trying to quantify what my favorite scenes are. They are certainly more fluid than my personal episode rankings. I will leave the nominations to the group's capable hands and see if I have any thoughts on the final list. :-)

Okay Liberty if you insist I have a couple of scenes that you may like. :-)

Season 1, falling episode where red krypto supergirl is in the bar flinging the peanuts across the bar like bullets and breaking all the glasses.

Season 2, Supergirl lives episode where Alex leads the DEO through the portal to the slave moon and beats up the aliens and acquires the gun and says "I got dibs". And then Supergirl/Monty and the kidnapped victims are running towards the portal that Winn got to work and Monty yelling "Start The Car!" "Start The Car!"

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