National City Knock Out

Here's a fun post for you all! If you've been a fan of Supergirl then chances are you've likely seen at least one piece of art from Sarah Leuver. She goes by @Comickergirl on Twitter and has been doing doodles and illustrations of the Girl of Steel for ages. She is also a freelance storyboard artist with a BFA in Animation. Lately Sarah has been working on a fun little side project. If you play Magic the Gathering or any strategy-based card game, then this will feel quite familiar. Sarah has created a Supergirl based card game named: National City Knock Out!

Even more amazing than the art and thought put into this game, is the generosity of Sarah offering this for free. That said you can name a price for it and with all the work Sarah put into this, we suggest at least $20. You can download it and print out the cards yourself! If anyone plays the game we'd love to hear about it! You can download the game here: Also Sarah is available for commissions and other art related projects! A sample of the cards is below:

1447 card

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and in the forum! Keep us advertisement free and visit the support page!

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+1 #2 RE: National City Knock OutRomulus 2019-10-17 18:35
Yes, I tend to peek into her blog page every so often and I always get a good chuckle or two from her comedic art takes of the Danvers Sisters. Very talented and very creative! Excellent range in character portrayals.

For those that know/knew me/or though they knew me, many of my SG Fan Art postings in the past in the Forum (Vols. 1 - 6) credited her works and featured them prominently.

Keep up the good work, Sarah! Your art is a pleasure to see! 8) ;-)
+1 #1 RE: National City Knock OutLibertyPrime 2019-10-17 14:32
Beautiful artwork, as always!

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