1. Hob III:2 - String Quartet Op. 1 No. 2 in E flat major ~ J. Haydn [Listen Here You Tube] Proposal Music for Mxyzptlk to play while he asks for Kara's hand in marriage.
  2. Lovin' Days ~ Denny and the Jets [Listen Here You Tube] Played in the Alien bar where Winn meets Lyra.
  3. Out of the Blue ~ Brett Harris [Listen Here You Tube] Lyra asks Winn out on a date on Valentines Day.
  4. Love Like We Used To (feat. Nateur) ~ Captain Cuts [Listen Here You Tube] Played in Alex's appartment when Maggie arrives for Valentines day part 1 (which doesn't go so well).
  5. Rolling Down Like Thunder ~ The Sh-Booms [Listen Here You Tube] Winn is late to his first date with Lyra but gives a good reason and Lyra forgives him.
  6. Heartlines ~ Broods [Listen Here You Tube] Valentines day take two for Alex and Maggie, this time it goes much nicer! Prom part 2!
  7. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic ~ Sleeping at Last [Listen Here You Tube] The Big Kiss between Kara and Mon-El! Need we say more?