More Whispers and The Suit

Welcome late night web traveler! You've stumbled upon another one of our late night whispers and theories posts. Tonight we will review the results of our Supergirl suit poll and we'll expand on our thoughts about young Kara.

First up, the Supergirl Suit has caused a shockwave throughout the internet. We've heard people call it visionary, and we've heard people say it kills the whole show for them. We've also heard everything in between. So, we asked all of you what you thought of the costume and we heard back from a record 663 people (at the time of this post). Ultimately its your opinion that matters the most as you guys are the fans and will determine this show's success. In 9 different categories where the first 4 can be counted as a positive response, the last 4 counted as a negative response, and the middle choice left as indifferent, an overwhelming majority of you felt this suit is a good thing. 430/663 or roughly 65%. On the otherside of the coin, 181 of you felt the suit fell into the negative column which was about 27% of the vote. Which leaves 8% in the indifferent column. Got to say with those numbers it sounds like the suit is a hit!

Next, as all you visitors should know, there was a casting announcement today. We have our young Kara. We reported that there was going to be a young Kara about a month ago! What is exciting is that we also learned that production hired a teacher for the set. If you are unfamiliar with Hollywood laws, any actors or actresses under the age of 18 are required to have a teacher on hand to continue their basic education. Now generally a tutor or a few days pass can be given if the roll is short, but since production hired a teacher for the set, its safe to assume that our young Kara might be sticking around for a while! This could mean more flashbacks to Midvalle, Krypton, or dare we suggest, even Kent Farm! The possibilities are endless!

Well we won't leave you with just that. This is the thinnest rumor we will report on ... so actually we won't. We'll just say that actor Dominic Rains could possibly have a roll on the show. But that is a stretch, big stretch, so if we were you, don't put a lot of stock in it. Ha, this is one of those things where we look great if we are right and who cares if we're wrong! Just one of the benefits of being a reader of our late-night whispers series!

Thanks everyone for taking the time to read up on the Supergirl news and rumors with us! We want to take a quick moment and thank you guys for making this site a success so far! We really appreciate it and we strive to keep the site advertisement free for you guys, the fans! If you've got a comment on anything we covered tonight, let us know in the comments below!

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