Hope for Tomorrow Recap

By now, if you've been a fan of Supergirl as long as we have, you know the drill. When a synopsis gives very little, it usually means that there are going to be some big events in an episode. Going back to the synopsis for this episode tonight, we really only took on two major events. The first is that Supergirl's strategy in fighting against Nyxly needs to change. This specifically occurs when Nyxly takes William prisoner! The next major event was even more cryptic, Alex faces the biggest challenge of her life. Marriage proposal? The death of her sister? Either way, the puzzle is solved in this all new episode of Supergirl, here's what stood out to us:

  1. Esme: Alex and Kelly have set full on adoption of Esme in motion. For now she is a just a foster but in 6 months Alex and Kelly will officially have custody of her forever! Kara brings over some toys she had when she first arrived on Earth. Esme's powers are to mimic other aliens and she accidently phases through a wall but J'onn is able to get her. She is rattled but Alex is there to set the record straight and calm her. Nyxly has found a way to use the Courage Totem and she's set her eyes on the Hope Totem. Nyxly tries to take over Kara and J'onn's courage but they best her. She then uses her ship to beam away.
  2. Esme at the Tower: Alex takes Esme to see Brainy at the tower to help her get control of her mimic powers. A new gauntlet has appear for the Hope totem. Both sides now need to figure out how to finish the gauntlet. Lena continues to research magic and see if there is a charm she can use to find Nyxly's ship. Supergirl heads down to help with Esme and Esme figures out who Supergirl really is almost immediately. Esme can mimic Supergirl's powers and since Kara is her aunt, Esme will be around Kara a lot. She needs to be able to control Kryptonian powers. Esme tries superhearing but it's too much for her and she runs away. Nyxly has come up with a plan. She is going to let Supergirl win the totem then kidnap William and use him as ransom.
  3. International Peace: J'onn is tasked with keeping peace talks on course after being affected by the courage totem. Supergirl shares a moment with Lena about how awful her power share went with Esme. Lena suggests that Kara try the Hope test, not Supergirl. Kelly and Alex talk about their missteps with Esme. Kara writes a piece on the positive aspects of the world and Andrea is not having it. Just then Nyxly arrives to put her plan in motion.
  4. Ultimatum: Supergirl works hard to try and find a way through the hope totem. Nyxly and William discuss the free press. Kelly and Alex take Esme to the Truth Seeker. They are able to show Esme that they will never send her away and they can't lie. The international peace talks have broken down. With war being on the brink, Kara makes a choice to involve herself in the course of human history and disarm both countries of their arsenal.
  5. Missle Attack: Kara is able to freeze and catch the missle attack. J'onn grabs another one and Brainy grabs them both. J'onn and Kara end up grabbing all the missiles from both countries and J'onn flies them into the sun. This unlocks the hope totem. Kara then goes to save William. They attempt to use magic on Nyxly but it fails. There is a mad dash for the three totems in play and Kara and William seem to prevail with some totems.

In the final wrap up moments, it is revealed that Supergirl has all three totems now. Team Supergirl considers destroying at least one totem to prevent the All Stone from being created. They consider destroying the Hope totem with a vision that Supergirl could restore it. Alex and Kelly share excitement about being parents and Kara uses the suit to fly to the sun and destroy the Hope totem. Lex then gives Nyxly the Lexo-suit! Check out the preview for next week's all new episode below:

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#16 RE: Hope for Tomorrow Recapcomic fan 2021-10-13 19:35
I was just thinking about how it's a good thing that Corto Maltese in the Arrowverse doesn't have Starro like the country did on the DCEU earth as seen in The Suicide Squad.
+1 #15 RE: Hope for Tomorrow RecapCatPat 2021-10-13 11:54
I was enjoying this episode more than the last couple but destroying the hope totem seemed irrational as they have no idea of the repercussions. Considering Kara is the Paragon of Hope and this is the final season, seemed a bit ominous. Still, I enjoyed much of it. Can the Allstone still be created by substituting our favorite Paragon?

I was wondering why Alex was pushing Esme so much and seemed oblivious that it was too much. Glad they resolved that... and using the truth seeker was a nice touch.
#14 RE: Hope for Tomorrow Recapsuperbill 2021-10-13 11:41
Another in a string of fine episodes. I am really liking this season!

Little Esme is adorable! Her expressions are so real, and her interactions with Alex, Kelly, and the rest of the team are well conceived and very touching. Alex's conflict between being the ideal parent and her innate urge to push forward made for some great scenes. Not the same by any means, but I recently adopted a rescue dog and the process of getting to know each other makes this storyline relatable.

I liked the action sequences and Supergirl's evident frustration at not being able to solve the Hope gauntlet. Once again, Melissa's expression says it all.

Also enjoyed Kara as the nerdy aunt and as the reporter at Catco. Andrea is really getting insufferable. The next time Supergirl needs to throw someone into space I have a suggestion.

"I have a soft spot for Kaznia." Loved that line! Was that Mikhail she rescued from the missile?

No surprise to anyone that Lex is returning, but despite Jon Cryer's great portrayal I find Peta's Nyxly a more interesting and formidable villain. I hope that she remains the alpha villain when he makes his appearance.
+1 #13 RE: Hope for Tomorrow Recapjacksc01 2021-10-13 11:29
Good episode.

Esme -adorable & they picked the right little one to play the part. I love that each member of the team is part of Esme's new family.

Thoughts on this episode
This episode had many nuances that would make one wonder about what happens to SuperGirl in the future (i.e. the end of this season). The writers are making endings for those in Team SuperGirl but leaving the ending questionable as to Kara/Supergirl's future. Yet certain statements/actions allows one to draw suggestions as to what happens:

1. Destruction (?) of the Hope Totem - Lex surprises all the time & it would not surprise me if he prevented in some way the destruction of the Hope Totem - if so, Nyxly could get them all giving her ultimate power.
2. SuperGirl is the paragon of Hope - yet she (at least is under the impression) that she destroyed the Hope Totem - If she did, I don't think that will go unpunished.
3. SuperGirl - not suppose to interfere with human history. Her stopping the missiles I have a feeling will impact SuperGirl's future.
4. Supergirl stating: "Even when the world has lost all hope, we can be the example to bring it back." What type of action would SuperGirl be performing that would bring Hope back to earth.

I really am so tired of seeing this man - he is given entirely too much thought and time in this series. I think it was SuperGirl who said "someone is interfering with human history who doesn't care about humanity or hope." This sounds like the perfect introduction of Lex . Going by that statement it foretells that to Lex the totems are power but he would destroy them & Nyxly in a minute if they interfered with any of his plans.

SuperGirl has given up so much for the world - I hope at the end of this series that she too will find happiness and never be alone.
+1 #12 RE: Hope for Tomorrow RecapBrierrose 2021-10-13 07:39
It seems that they alternated giving some cast members time off. I wonder if it was to give them a couple of days at home. I called it here when we first met Esme that Alex and Kelly would adopt her. Truly heartwarming to see everyone meeting her. I laughed when she just figured out Kara is Supergirl but it made sense given her powers. They turned the truth seeker which hadn’t been used in a positive way into a way for Esme to feel safe knowing her new family won’t send her away.

With the hope totem destroyed the all stone can’t be completed but the totems themselves seem to have powers. Nyxly likely still wants the others if only to hurt Kara. According to the synopsis for the next episode they’re looking for the dream totem so the storyline isn’t done.
#11 Trailer for Nightmare in NCRobertAnthony 2021-10-13 03:55
Notably the graphics (which look slick there CW) Well, time to pull out some cheesy 80's hair band music...anyone for Europe and The Final Countdown?
#10 RE: Hope for Tomorrow RecapRobertAnthony 2021-10-13 03:52
Quoting Romulus:
It was an interesting episode. Script-wise it was a tad uneven and there was a fair amount of stilted dialogue but the actors' characters delivered their performances as required.

Esme mimicking J'onn's power was fun! Going through a wall without thinking - priceless! :D

Quick note to Robert: Stay strong, these things will pass in due time. They always do.

Rom...thanks for the support! :-)
+1 #9 RE: Hope for Tomorrow Recaparagorn 2021-10-13 03:37
This was a very good episode. Lots of Kara and lots of Supergirl saving people as well. The CGI really stepped up Big time in the final season those missiles and the space scene even Kaznia and Hague scenes was on point looked like those cities too.

Next ep looks like a lot of Big things will happen again. It really does feel like a final season everything seem to be on point.
+1 #8 RE: Hope for Tomorrow Recapdaryl772003 2021-10-12 22:54
Quoting comic fan:
Is it wrong that after this episode,I want Kara to stay even more in the present day and not go to the future with The Legion or leave earth for Argo because now I just want Kara to be around and get to be a aunt to Esme?

It reminded me of in early season 3 ehen everyone was talking about being aunts to Ruby and Kara would be the nerdy one.

I would add nerdy but cool too as a aunt to Esme.I would find that the most heartwarming end to the series now.

I doubt this will happen but I can dream for five more weeks.

Saying you want Kara to stay in the present is never wrong
+1 #7 RE: Hope for Tomorrow Recapcomic fan 2021-10-12 21:50
Is it wrong that after this episode,I want Kara to stay even more in the present day and not go to the future with The Legion or leave earth for Argo because now I just want Kara to be around and get to be a aunt to Esme?

It reminded me of in early season 3 ehen everyone was talking about being aunts to Ruby and Kara would be the nerdy one.

I would add nerdy but cool too as a aunt to Esme.I would find that the most heartwarming end to the series now.

I doubt this will happen but I can dream for five more weeks.

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