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Now that we've seen the incredible new one minute long trailer for Season 3's premiere, check out these amazing photos of the first episode to go along with! From our guess, it looks like there is going to be some kind of dream sequence with Kara, Mon-El, and the new Alura, played by Smallville alumna, Erica Durance! Furthermore we are getting some great shots at the Supergirl statue ceremony and Samantha and her daughter Ruby. (Samantha eventually becomes Reign as the season progresses). Check out the gallery below!

Supergirl returns October 9th at 8pm on The CW! Let us know what you think of these incredible photos in the comments below as well as the forum! Keep us your advertisement free source for Supergirl news and visit the support page!

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#12 RE: Gallery of Season 3 PremiereKelly 2017-10-06 13:41
Ooooooooook, it's Friday! So where is the newest preview, or are we going to have to wait till MONDAY AGAIN THIS YEAR....... *heavy sigh* :-?
#11 RE: Gallery of Season 3 PremiereKenletwo 2017-09-26 06:04
Quoting Triggy:
When there's a small rally in "Supergirl", I always feel something's always gonna happen (always involves people scattering in all directions after an explosion, attack, or some sort) :D

That's kind of becoming a trope in the comics and in other media about superheros. Gotta have superfights with lots of dramatic property damage and it's "symbolic" to have monuments to the good guys destroyed.

Reminds me of a black comedy moment in a deleted scene in Batman v Superman; Bruce and Alfred are noting Superman has had a statue of him built in Metropolis. Alfred sniffs that, after 20 years of crimefighting, Bruce hasn't even had a street named after his alter ego.

Bruce acidly remarks that it's just as well, since one of his psychotic enemies would probably try to kill everyone on that street, just to tick him off.
#10 RE: Gallery of Season 3 PremiereTriggy 2017-09-25 18:56
When there's a small rally in "Supergirl", I always feel something's always gonna happen (always involves people scattering in all directions after an explosion, attack, or some sort) :D
#9 RE: Gallery of Season 3 PremiereKelly 2017-09-25 15:54
Psi in the comics reeked total havoc on poor Kara. At one point she heat visioned a hole in the ceiling dreaming about catching a bad guy. When she woke up she was looking at two burn holes in the ceiling. She really did a number on her.
#8 RE: Gallery of Season 3 PremiereKelly 2017-09-25 15:53
If they are going to do a "New Krypton" type story line, then bring Alura on....if not, the AI stuff is getting a little old for me. I would hope they would bring Alura on for something more than that...
#7 RE: Gallery of Season 3 Premierejacksc01 2017-09-25 13:49
Quoting littlestar64:
I'm wondering if Alura is going to have a big role in s3. Or heck, maybe Astra comes back! If I remember correctly, Astra's character wasn't even announced prior to the series premiere. They wouldn't have bothered recasting if they just needed holo-Alura and some dream sequences, right? (Can you tell how pumped I am about this??)

I'm with you, I would love it if they brought Astra back, I really liked her character.
#6 RE: Gallery of Season 3 PremiereRomulus 2017-09-25 13:45
Very nice shots. Thanks for putting them up for the fans. ;-)
#5 RE: Gallery of Season 3 Premierevantheman77 2017-09-25 13:01
Erica still looks amazing and that dream sequence reminds me of Smallville's 10th season when Clark saw his dad's ghost.
#4 RE: Gallery of Season 3 PremiereDrholiday51 2017-09-25 12:33
Great photos. I just saw the new trailer it looks amazing, but I'm afraid of the dark place Supergirl is headed.Oh well only 2 weeks to go.
#3 RE: Gallery of Season 3 PremiereDraftingDrafter 2017-09-25 11:38
Erica and Melissa look stunning in those stills, wow!

Like littlestar64, I too am wondering if Alura is gonna have a bigger presence this season. I really hope so.

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