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  4. Thursday, 02 March 2017
Supergirl right now is the lightest show of the CWDC, full of smiles and positive energy. (Legends of Tomorrow is heavier on comedy but less so on morals)

I remember The Flash used be like this. Season 1 was awesome. Barry Allen was that awkward, nerdy guy, but one that believed in the best of everyone, never killed, and rarely became angry (yeah much like Kara Danvers).

In comes Flash Season 2. Zoom kills his dad, finally tipping Barry over the edge. Now he is a semi Oliver-esque brooding man, who sometimes considers killing and other less than moral tactics like sacrificing friends to save Iris. He still retains some of the Season 1 essence, but as the more "experienced" he becomes, the more like Arrow he is.

So why did I spend a paragraph writing about The Flash here? Because I seriously don't want this to happen to Supergirl. I haven't actually noticed signs of the same things happening, but darker things are happening to Kara, like the betrayal of Jeremiah, and whatever it is Mon-El is hiding. The Season 1 geeky Kara is already gone and god I miss her, but I supposed she is just maturing. But by god she better not become like Oliver Queen.

TLDR : Supergirl should stay sunshines and happiness, not deaths betrayal and trauma. Post is not a complaint about the current state, just speculations about the future. Loving the show as always.
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Dark things happen in our lives. I do not see Flash or Supergirl moving into an Arrow like scenario where the way you defeat the villain is to kill them.

I like having both the dark and light side in Flash and Supergirl, it makes the stories more interesting. Last Season of Supergirl was a bit too PG for my taste, but I understood the reasoning, now that it is on the CW it has moved more towards a PG-13, vibe....and that has made it more enjoyable for me as a fan.

So, do I see it moving to an Arrow type of vibe? no....but do I mind it moving a little more that direction as far as some heavier, emotional things happening? sure.

I want to see the characters pushed and pulled in all kinds of directions to stretch them as far as they can go, I want to see the actors do that as well. That is what keeps a series interesting.

Considering the 2 most popular episodes I have seen people put at the top, as well as the actors was "Red Faced", "For The Girl Who Has Everything" and "Fallen"...those 3 are undoubtedly the darkest of the 1st season, as well as 3 episodes that both Melissa and Chyler said were their favorites and challenged them the most. I think that is definitely what keeps the series interesting.
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