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  4. Sunday, 09 July 2017
Superman has helped Kara out in National City. Do you think Kara will get to return the favor in Metropolis? It's not like she never does things outside National City she traveled to a different universe for the crossover.

It could be so fun too!
They could do the same tag team thing the did at the beginning of season 2, and we can meet Lois Lane and Perry White :D
Oh, the opportunities for casting gags they would have!
They could have one of the actresses that played Cat Grant from either Smallvile or Lois and Clark, be Lois
And couldn't you just imagine Gene Hackman as Perry White, Or maybe Tom Welling (though, I'm not sure if he's old enough so maybe not), or maybe even Mark Hamel (especially if he works his Joker voice in somehow)

Clark: I bet you wouldn't have such a high turnover rate with your assistants if you didn't insist on doing your Joker impression, which is great by the way, every time you use the intercom
Perry: I don't need advice, I need coffee. NOW!!!
Random underling: *sigh* I'll get it (leaves room)
Perry: (presses intercom button) (in Joker voice) don't forget it's one cream two sugars (Joker laugh)

So what do you guys think?
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I think it'd be a fun episode(s) to do. But I'm somewhat concerned about it being unintentionally centered around Superman instead of Supergirl.
With Clark helping Kara in National City he's treated as a support character to Supergirl's story. So I fear that if reversed we'll end up seeing less of Supergirl's story and more of Superman's. Metropolis, Lois, Perry White..those are all Superman's 'territory' so to speak. The only connection Kara has with them is Clark. And I don't like the idea of watching Supergirl as a secondary character in Superman's world.

If the writers could find a way to make a bigger connection between Kara and Clark's world than just Clark, then I'd be all for an episode or two of Supergirl helping Superman save Metropolis.
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