1. makasi_K
  2. Supergirl Season 4
  3. Sunday, 02 June 2019
I was looking for it on Amazon and bestbuy but there's no info, not even a pre-sale.

This then only season apart from season 1 that I've actually wanted to buy. It'd be very disappointing if the CW decided not to release it. Would they do that?
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Thanks for the reply.
Having all the crossover episodes is a first, and I'm glad because my favorite moments from it aren't in the Supergirl hour.
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It will be. Warner Bros Home Entertainment hasn't announced it's release just yet, hopefully it should be this week for you.

The Flash and Arrow have been announced for the end of August so I imagine Supergirl will be around the same time. It appears that all 3 Elseworlds crossover episodes will only be on the Blu-Ray whereas the DVD will just have the Supergirl part.
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