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I wanted to take this time to write down what Supergirl meant to me. Explain why it meant so much. Feel free to do the same in this thread. There will be SPOILERS.

I've always been a fan of Supergirl. I found her more interesting than Superman because she remembered Krypton. She carried that trauma with her. I thought that made for a much more interesting character. So when the show was announced, I was cautiously optimistic. Test shots of Melissa in costume didn't sell it for me, but I was eager to give it a chance.

Then, a little over a month before the show premiered, my mother, the only blood family I had, died. It was unexpected. She was only 46. I felt lost. As I'm sure some know, the loss of a parent is devastating. But to be an only child, and have you only parent pass...It felt like surreal. The only person who knew me when I was young...the only person I shared a multitude of memories with, was gone.

Then, the following month, Supergirl premiered. Melissa was amazing. The show was kind, funny, optimistic. And it brought me my first real joy since Mom passed. It gave me something to look forward to, every single week, that first season. And the casting couldn't have been better.

Then, during the hiatus, we were unsure if Supergirl would get a 2nd season. Sad as it may seem, I wasn't ready to lose my crutch. Then, by miraculous happenstance, the show was picked up by CW, and we got 5 more years of Supergirl and it's stellar lead actress.

Through the years, I continued to look forward to it, week to week, despite the writing issues that plagued the latter half of the show. I got to see the worldbuilding as my favorite Kryptonian had her first live action interaction with her cousin, crossed over with other Arrowverse heroes, and brought a better "Justice League" than what we were getting on the big screen. I had slowly begun to heal, but still enjoyed watching Melissa on my screen, every week. I even was inspired to attend film school based on the show following the story beats I predicted over several years, and got to visit the set once while in school in Vancouver.

Then, it was announced that season 6 would be the last. The final season wouldn't even premiere for a year, yet, but I started mourning the show at that time. I was hoping we'd hit 7 or 8 seasons. However, the pandemic straight up killed many shows, including those that had been renewed, then had their renewals pulled. I knew we were lucky the show would get a season to end on it's own terms.

It wasn't until the final season was announced that I actually put together, in my head, the correlation between when my Mom passed and when Supergirl began, which explained, at least in part, why I was so attached to the show, even when it wasn't at it's best. And I had to prepare myself for what I was sure would be an emotional end.

Like seasons 4and 5, season 6 had some writing struggles. It didn't help that Melissa couldn't be present for the filming of the first 7 episodes. But the last 5 episodes really shined, in my eyes. And last night, as I watched the finale, I got emotional as I knew I would. To see the original cast members return. To see Alex get married and finally have a family. But what really hit was how lost Kara seemed to be. It kinda echoed what I was feeling. Like she didn't know what the path was, moving forward. Kara, the main character, was the only character not to get a "happy ending". We got that sage advice from the welcome return of Cat Grant. And when Cat Grant began her interview with Kara, taking this bold new step, with Fleetwood Mac's Landslide playing in the background, I simultaneously felt hope, loss, happiness, and sadness at the end of this show.

Many of you may not have the same emotional attachment. And that's okay. But this show helped me through what was possibly the worst time in my life. It provided hope at a time when I really didn't have any. And now that it's over, I feel a renewed sense of loss. Not just for the show. But for what it meant to me and how it helped me over the years.

It doesn't need to be as long and detailed as this. But I'd love to hear if the show has impacted your life more than you thought.
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In a small way, she was the embodiment of a long-held dream come true.

It is bittersweet that the show ended after six seasons, but as the old expression goes, "All good things must..." Things and people must move on. This is life.

I can only be humbly and eternally thankful and grateful that that one shot in a million pitch I made to Akiva Goldsman at WB way back in 2007, found its way onto a screen of any size and became a concrete reality with the pilot premiere in late 2015, and eventually made it through six (sometimes, oftentimes, tumultuous) seasons. It was indeed a long, winding road, but it made it through. It survived and thrived. It proved that a strong female-lead superhero show can be successful in a male-dominated genre. More importantly, it did so on its own terms.

I cannot / will not take credit for the show's trajectory and BTS decision-making or the money / creative politics of the business, but I can concretely point to at least 70% of the things I proposed were used in one form or another in the pilot onward. Season 1 (particularly the pilot), for me, was the culmination of a slightly more than 30-year quest to bring the Girl of Steel back to a/the screen. I felt that the then-maligned 1984 film character had potential and was worthy of a fair second shot. She got it. It has now helped pave / cement the way for other female-lead shows and movies to be made in this genre. Everything else is but idle commentary and more gravy.

Although I have griped and moaned about the declining quality and aesthetic changes for a while, I remain very grateful to the powers that be and the BTS people with the skill and know-how to make it happen, made a long-held dream a reality. A core vision for the character was established and made its mark. I could not have asked for more.
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