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It could be villain or allied of Wonder Woman in WW2 or that of Super girl in tv series
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I love Geena Davis and it would be fun to see her in WW2. From what I've read WW2 is going to take place in America in the 80s and center around the cold war. So we are skipping WWII but we all know Diana would have fought with the allies in that war. Geena Davis's character could be spy Diana became friends with during WWII and now 40 years later she's either head of the CIA or if she's a villain head of the KGB.

Having her on Supergirl would be a treat but totally depends on her availability. If she only has a short amount of time available make her a villain maybe Lillian's even more evil sister. I can see Geena Davis and Brenda Strong as sisters. If she's available for a reoccurring part, since Ian Gomez won't be back she could take his job. I see her as perhaps a hardened war correspondent and someone who was a mentor to Cat. Lets say she was injured and has to take a desk job but she's a little bitter about it. She teaches Kara about being a good journalist and Kara helps her be more optimistic.
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