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  4. Wednesday, 07 October 2020
This Sunday, MeTV takes you to the Superman Museum in Metropolis, IL. The classic TV channel has its first original programming, Collector's Call, which looks at the most unusual collections and collectors across the nation.

The museum's Twitter posted the following...

This Sunday we will be featured on @collectorscall on @metvnetwork don't forget to check it out from your #fortressofsolitude

Tune in at 10pm 9 o'clock central

The show is hosted by actress Lisa Welchel, who starred on The Facts of Life. Collector's Call also comes with this unusual twist.

While touring these extensive collections and learning about the collector's fascination with their chosen items, Whelchel enlists the help of professional appraisers and experts to put an estimated value on the collection's worth...Along the way, we discover collections featured in the Guinness Book of Records, alongside others valued in the millions of dollars.

With the values established, the experts will try to tempt the collectors with a trade, offering a coveted item that would be the perfect addition to their collections. The collectors must then make an agonizing choice and decide how sentimental they are about their existing pieces…or how much they're willing to give up for a new addition to the collection.

Many places do not carry MeTV believe it or not. It's mostly on digital sub-channels of over the air stations or on cable. MeTV, which did air the George Reeves Superman show before shipping it to Heroes and Icons, owned by the same company as MeTV, Weigel Broadcasting of Chicago, airs in the NYC area on full power WJLP 33.1.
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Interesting... I watch a lot of MeTV but I haven't yet seen Collector's Call. I do remember they had a Batmzn collection one week.
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