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The chat between Melissa and Damian Holbrook is wide ranging, yet focuses on the directorial effort.

It's official: There is nothing Melissa Benoist can't do. She acts, she sings, she flies... and now she directs.

The Supergirl star planted her feet firmly on the ground and behind the camera to helm the May 3 episode, "Deus Lex Machina," a clever, smartly paced, and emotional hour in which we get to see exactly why the world thinks Lex Luthor (Jon Cryer) is a hero by retracing his underhanded antics since the Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Along the way, there is a SuperCorp situation that tears at the heartstrings, a deception of murderous proportions, and the return of a martian we really hoped would stick around longer.

Here, the endlessly sunny (and possibly superhuman) Benoist — who is expecting her first child with husband Chris Wood [Mon-El] — opens up about the terror of making her directorial debut, the joy of working with her on-set family and how she is spending her time now that production has wrapped on the season.

You can read about any possible spoilers in the interview...but I thought I would save the final question...

Ok so how many hyphenates do we have now? We have actress-singer-director-mother-wife-and-advocate. I hope this lockdown is your chance to take a pause!

Yes, that is happening. I'm watching a lot of TV and hanging out with my dog...kind of what we're all trying to do. Oh, and I'm cooking a lot. Do you know Milk Bar in Los Angeles? Christina Tosi [the owner and chef] has an amazing website full of recipes, so I'm kind of baking my way through her desserts. [Laughs]

Well, Melissa and Kara are still much alike...they both love desserts. But while Melissa can whip things up in the kitchen and even bake...well Kara is good at cooking. And it's corny to say, but Melissa is eating for two.

By the way, you can find out about Milk Bar here.
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TV Line has a post episode interview with Melissa about tonight's episode.
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