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  4. Tuesday, 28 July 2020
Let's go back a few years to when I think Supergirl was filming season 1 in LA...about 2015. I saw this picture on an Instagram page belonging to stunt woman Shauna Duggins, who was Melissa's double. She is in costume walking with her son Liam who is aptly dressed. It's not an official webpage as it does not have a blue check, but I think it belongs to Shauna.

Ain't it cute?

Shauna posted... all the moms and dads (and soon to be moms and dads) out there that are the true superheroes!

And I think she was meaning this for Melissa and Chris and the baby boy they are about to welcome.
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Adorable boys and girls always steal the scene. Not to be political or anything but the little nose picker looks like a future republican. ;) Melissa and Chris must be so excited with their bundle of joy coming soon.

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Awfully cute! And, yes, Melissa and Chris will make fine parents. :)
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