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  4. Saturday, 28 January 2017
After some distressing experiences today I felt like saying this. I don't want to name names and I don't want to accuse or attack anyone. All I have is a polite request.

The vast majority of people here are the friendliest and most supportive I've seen, and this site has always been a safe space to talk about the show.

However if I and others hold an opinion about an aspect of the show that others may disagree with, and that I have specified I keep an open mind to that aspect, while never attempting to belittle the opposing view, then I believe I deserve the basic respect of not being told to stop watching the show, called not being a true fan etc, or worse, told that it is frustrating/annoying that there are people who hold my views.

I believe all of us here and I believe in the absolute equality, freedom, and representation of all genders, orientations, races, and class. I don't think belief about an aspect of the show's plot can be used to infer lack of support in any of those areas.

That'll be all. Hopefully that was not against the forum code. As said before I wish not to name or attack anyone, but merely to call for the end of such attacks.
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There are reasons why we have the rules posted at the top of the page. They go back to the first half of last year. On one hand, sometimes people disagree vigorously about issues. Some of you will recall my calculation of how many gees Supergirl was pulling when she flew the bomb out over the ocean in Year 1. (Lots). There are differences about distances and times.

On the other hand, sometimes the disagreements are attacks on the person rather than the discussion, the latter being inappropriate especially if it wanders across large numbers of unrelated threads. At some point, it becomes appropriate to send a completely polite note to the moderators (Contact, top of page) and ask them to look at things.

Be nice. It's a good idea.
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A few words of advice if you don't mind. Don't take what is said on the News page or Forum comments too seriously, nor take them personally.

If you have strong opinions on a subject (as we all do from time to time), by all means post them but remember to be respectful of others and their views. Simply state your case and move on. If someone wishes to debate a point constructively, that is good; if someone wishes to create a needless argument, don't give in to them. Silence (at times) is golden. If something is considered genuinely offensive (be it an opinion or a topic that has gotten out of hand) and directed as a personal attack, you have a few options; ask the attacker to cease and desist politely, report it to the Admin, or let it drop and move on to the next topic. It is also handy to distinguish the difference between board members challenging a stated position (p.o.v.) or directly challenging the person (personal attack).

You must also remember that not everyone will come from the same line of education, expression, thought or background as yourself. Yes, I know this is self-evident, but sometimes we all have to be reminded of this. Live and let live. As long as you are abiding by the site's Terms of Use, there is no issue with your posts. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and right to post such opinions. If others have a bone of contention with that, it isn't really your issue, but theirs. However, if it becomes a slanging match between certain individuals, then it does affect the overall enjoyment of the board and topic at hand.

Having said all of these things, just keep in mind that no one intentionally wishes another individual ill-will. There are bound to be topics that come up from time to time in which there will be very diverging opinions (I can certainly say that I have had my share) and some individuals tend to take them to heart. If you can, just go about your business as you normally would. Don't worry about the down-votes or the rebuttals. It isn't a mark on your perceived worthiness (or perceived lack thereof).

Enjoy the ongoing commentary.
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