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  4. Wednesday, 26 December 2018
It looks like Mattel is going to lose the license of many DC figures and toys to a company called Spin Master.

The website Toyark reports...

According to a report by Bloomberg, this license agreement signals the end of Mattel’s master toy license. Spin Master will be taking over the majority of the DC Comics licensing, with Mattel retaining just some of their previous categories. Mattel’s license will include “preschool and girls’ toys” while Spin Master’s boy’s action toy category will likely include traditional action figures.

That means things like DC Superhero Girls. But, what would that mean for anything Supergirl TV related?

Perhaps more can be found at the linked Bloomberg article or at the Spin Master Press release from 12/21/18.
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Looks like Mattel will retain "Super Hero Girls" and some other stuff.

I don't really think this will impact anything Supergirl (TV show) related. They only have done 2 figures for the show in the past 3 years (Supergirl and Martian Manhunter). And the DC Collectibles versions of both were FAR superior.

Most tv show related merch we've seen has been from Icon Heroes, Diamond Select, or DC Collectibles. And those licenses don't appear to be going anywhere.

For show merch, this change won't do much.
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