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  4. Friday, 24 November 2017
This would take place between Oliver, Alex, and Kara.
Oliver: Kara & Alex this isn't your fight I can't ask you two to put your live's on line for my Earth.
Alex: Oliver, If we don't stop them here and know.
Then all other earth's will be threaten including our Earth 38 and every body we care about on it.
You & your follow friend's were willing to risk your live's to help save my sister Kara from these Nazi bastard's.
Kara: me & Alex are team just like Barry and his time in Central City, and your team in Starling City. Let's just say when you mess with one of danver sister's you are going to regret it.
So as Shakespeare would say " We few, we happy few, we band of brother's. For he today that shed's his blood with me shall be brother."
Oliver: Alex, your sister has way with word's.
Alex: that she does.

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