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EDIT: Looks like I could be completely wrong about this. I did as much research as I could to get to the bottom of it but I couldn't get to Matt Mitovich's tweet that was the linchpin in the arguement that the writers knew that Floriana wouldn't be continuing as a series regular. I was, however sent the tweet that I was trying to find. I won't say its definitive, but it does look pretty darn solid. It is quite possible that Floriana made her decision before the Season Finale for Season 2 was written. So if that is the case, I can't begrudge any backlash that may be happening. There is sound evidence and its certainly valid to question why some of these seemingly long term relationship decisions were written only to dash them away.

Hi everyone. This is another one of those hot issue topics that I am going to bring up because many have asked that I address it. That said, as before, this issue comes with a lot of emotion behind it and everyone is entitled to their thoughts and feelings on the matter. I will be moderating this thread as highly as I can, as I have done in previous hot topic issues. Furthermore, Spoilers are ahead:

Its really no secret at this point that Alex and Maggie are going to break up in episode five season 3. This event has prompted some of the most passionate and intense reactions from fans since the show's creation. Movements online like #SupergirlBlackout, #BringMaggieBack and #Sanversmatters have been all over the place.

I am not going to say that I support, or don't support these movements. Each fan is entitled to react to the show as they want to. If Supergirl were in jeopardy of being cancelled, I would be the first to make a movement to try and help save it. That said, there is a lot of blame being pushed around. So much so that Chyler Leigh (Alex Danvers) Caity Lotz (Sara Lance) and to some extent Stephen Amell (Oliver Queen) made a video about it. They called for calm. They didn't address the break up by name but they know its coming and because of it they asked that people roll with the punches. Don't just start blaming the writers, producers, actors or any one group, It was a series of decisions. The video, which I feel was very well done, was shared in another thread, but for continuity, I will add it here as well.

I think this is very important to note. It's been a series of circumstances that has gotten us to this point. I also had a conversation with a fan a little bit ago where they claimed that the writers or more importantly the producers knew Maggie wasn't going to be back as a series regular since March of 2017. I asked them to show me how that could be true. They said there was a tweet out there that proved it but couldn't share it with me.

This got me thinking, what was the series of events that got us here. Did the writers have Alex propose to Maggie at the season finale knowing she wouldn't be around in season 3? I started digging and I was able to put together a timeline of tweets and events.

The attached image shows that, at the time the show had written the series finale, there was likely no way the writers or producers could know that Floriana Lima wouldn't be returning. It further shows that she makes more money on the other show she does and that her contract allowed for an opt out that she asked to take ... at least according to the tweets I found. I can't say that any of this is true or not but much of what is sent my way as 'proof' comes from the sources that I am including in this timeline so I feel like we can take them to be roughly accurate.

The reason why I wanted to point all this out was A) I was asked to give a thread on this difficult topic, B) I wanted to echo the great video Chyler and Caity did this morning, and C) I wanted to show that it was truly a set of circumstances that lead us here. The CW is not killing off another homosexual relationship just for the heck of it. They had gold on the screen but in the end, just like I always say, Supergirl is a business and in the business of TV, a better opportunity for Floriana presented itself and she took it. I don't think its fair to blame producers, writers, Floriana, The CW, or anyone else for Maggie's departure. You might disagree with how she is written out, or request that she be recast, but in the end, the powers that be decided to end the relationship in a true to life way, and they wanted to honor what Floriana brought to the show by not recasting her, and as they have said time and time again they welcome her back as often as her schedule will allow.

The situation sucks and Sanvers was an amazing representation of a positive and beautiful LGBT relationship which is sorely needed on TV these days, but that said, lets not damn the writers, producers or anyone else for what ended up being circumstances outside of any one person's control.
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