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  4. Saturday, 13 June 2020

As promised, here's a link to my new Supergirl fan fiction story: "The Space Station Rescue Mission". This is the first time I sent Kara into space. And unlike in most science fiction stories, I believe I got the space science right!

ISS 5-2020.jpg
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One question I've gotten about this story is this: why didn't James/Jimmy just push the button on his Super-Signal Watch if he wanted to get in touch with Clark immediately? It's because the Watch works by triggering an attachment on Clark's (and Kara's) cell phone. It then produces an ultrasonic signal that only Kryptonians (and dogs) can hear. My guess is that since Clark was on an undercover assignment for the Daily Planet, it was likely that he was in a location (maybe an office or lab) where reporters are not allowed to have their phones on them (so they can't take surreptitious photos!).
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