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  4. Monday, 03 June 2019

Here's my new Supergirl fan-fiction story (#92), "National City's National Donut Day, 2019". This one was inspired by a story I read about donuts being delivered by drones!
Hope you like it!
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Yes, I'm sure that Kara would love this!
(It's actually a little too sweet for my taste ;)
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Happy Donut Day Stewart :) . Trust you'll be having a Donut or 2 today maybe a chocolate-sprinkled one while sipping a can of Jupina pineapple soda like Kara.

Fun story as always. I expected Barry Allen to show up and have a little conversation like this:

Barry: "I need like 10,000 calories a day"
Kara: "Do you like donuts?", said with a :)
Barry: "Who doesn't like donuts?"
Kara: "I know a place"

Off the Superfriends go to enjoy their donuts.

We can't let National Donut Day pass without a picture of our girl eating a donut :) .
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