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  4. Tuesday, 04 July 2017
National City is rioting. In the largest wave of violence yet seen since the Daxamite invasion, opposing mobs had set district after district alight.

Kara thought there would be a period of peace after the Daxamites were driven from earth with a withering barrage of Democrat leaflets, yet now violence resumed. Nevertheless, She Persisted (TM). What shocked her most though was the riot had something to do with her.

Kara only found this out later from DEO's covert intelligence, but since the first time she met with Lena Luthor, "interested" civilians had been watching with interest. Words spread and rumors flied, and soon allegations of a romantic spark between the city's hero and Lena filled the air. It was of such exhilarating interest that mobs and brigades banded together, campaigning in hordes to demand this conjecture become reality. Such was their scale that they were given the name "supercorp".

Lena of course was just her friend. Kara had someone. But when her love of Mon-El became known, all hell broke loose. Now two rival consortiums are locked in a senseless battle for her personal life, the city paying the toll.

Kara wasn't really sure what to do. She couldn't freeze everyone at once. She recalled in another universe, there lived her lightning fast friend Barry Allen. But the inter dimensional extrapolator for some strange reason could only be used once a year.

She called Alex. Alex was celebrating the anniversary of meeting Maggie. Tomorrow was her anniversary of baking the first cake with Maggie. The next day was her anniversary of having seen the first movie with Maggie. Alex is going to be busy for the foreseeable future. She was inseparable from Maggie. When Kara dared suggest the radical notion of rescuing their father at last, Alex answered "but Maggie..."

Kara called Winn. He was in a van somewhere LARPing with James. James bought a cool halloween costume and wanted to show it off each night.

Kara found solace in the fact that her troubles never last the whole year. Compared to Barry's enemies who stay committed to destroying him, her enemies generally come up with a vague plan and then give up, disappear, and become replaced by a new danger in the middle of the year. With any luck this riot will be the same.
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Written for the LOLz. Assuredly I love this show.
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