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It would be pretty hard to top the epic five-part "Crisis On Infinite Earth" cross-over story from the pre-COVID era. Between that and the limitations that COVID has placed on film productions this past year, no one is surprised that there just wasn't any cross-over story for any of the shows to take part in this year.
And with "Arrow" done, "Supergirl" and "Black Lightning" finishing their runs after this season, "The Flash" apparently running out of worthwhile story ideas, not to mention cast members, and "Superman and Lois" being so different from anything that we saw of them during guest appearances on "Supergirl" over the past few years that they might as well be on another planet somewhere else, the chances of seeing any more epic cross-overs in the future is looking pretty slim.
However, another cross-over of a different kind has been taking place this year, although so quietly that no one seems to have noticed or commented on it.
David Ramsey, who played John Diggle on "Arrow" for all eight years of that show, has been very busy of late.
To begin with, he directed episode 1.07 (Man of Steel) of "Superman" which aired back in March; and then he appeared as a 'Special Guest Star' in episode 2.16 (Kane, Kate) of "Batwoman" recently; and then followed that up by both guest starting and directing episode 1.07 (Stressed Western) of "Legends of Tomorrow".
He special guest stared on episode 7.16 (P.O.W.) of "The Flash" this week; and then, according to IMDb (the Internet Movie Data Base), he will be guest starting on episode 1.12 (Through The Valley of Death) on next week's "Superman and Lois".
And the reason why I'm mentioning all of this here is because he will both guest star and direct Supergirl's as yet unnamed episode 6.12 when that show resumes its final 13-episode run later in August.
I've always been a fan of the concept of teamwork, and even the motto of the House of El is "El Mayarah", which we all know means 'Stronger Together'. I have enjoyed team-ups, even whenever it was just any of the main characters from any of the 'Arrow-verse' shows making a guest appearance on any of the other shows. John Diggle was one of the mainstays of "Arrow", and a popular one too, so it's good to see that David Ramsey is making the rounds of all of these shows at this time. Whatever John Diggle's reasons would be for visiting National City in a couple month's time, I will look forward to what might be the closest thing we'll see to a COVID version of this year's cross-over event.
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Yes,Diggle has been appearing in the various Arrowverse shows this year minus Black Lightning and Stargirl(which is on Earth 2).

This weeks' appearance on The Flash was the best yet and very curious about his role in next week's Superman & Lois.

We are getting a crossover like event in the 2021-2022 season though.It was announced a few weeks ago that The Flash is doing a special 5 episode crossover like event to kick off Season 8 since the new season won't be premiering until mid November(11/16/21).Each of the first five episodes of The Flash next season will feature other Arrowverse heroes.Basically,instead of all the shows crossing over with each other.Everybody will be coming to The Flash's show.

They haven't announced which heroes and other characters will be appearing in these five episodes yet but there is a lot of speculation and guessing.

Most think Black Lightning is almost a definite.The night the series finale of Black Lightning aired,Cress Williams revealed he's been in talks with The Flash team since last Fall to appear in some episodes next season And he just talked to them again,two months(three months ago now) again and is very open to guest appearances.

From the interview.

How did you feel about Jefferson's decision to retire at the end?

Well, I tweaked it just lightly. A bit of an inside story: The original piece of dialogue said that I full-on retire. I don't know if any of these things are going to come to fruition, so they're not set in stone, but I have had people from The Flash reach out, asking if I'd come do some work with them. So they had kind of tentatively reached out months before we shot the finale. So in anticipating me leaving that door open, and anticipation of that being a possibility, that's why I changed it slightly to basically say, "I'm done in Freeland and just kind of like giving Freeland over to my daughter." So that if I show up somewhere else, I haven't contradicted anything.

It's funny, I was going to ask you if you were opening to returning as this character on one of the remaining shows. It sounds like you are?

We're moving back to California, and so Vancouver, for short stints, to pop in and do something and pop back out, is not as challenging for me and it doesn't require packing up and moving my whole family. I wouldn't be able to suddenly join another show that's not in California. So there's that logistical thing. But also, you know, I really enjoyed the crossover last year. Specifically, I think me and Grant [Gustin], we're just very like-minded in how we approach the work, and we had really great conversations. One of my favorite scenes of doing this character was the scene between me and him in the library [on the Waverider in "Crisis on Infinite Earths."] So the thought of being able to go back and do an episode here or an episode there? Oh yeah, no, I'm down for that.

Is this anything confirmed yet, or are you still in the talks phase with The Flash?

Just in the talk phase. I was really surprised because it was months ago, I think in the fall, when they first approached me about, "Hey, do you, would you do something with us next season?" And so I initially said yeah, or my representatives said, "Yeah, we're interested, but you know, that's quite a ways away, and who knows where we're going to be at that point." And they just kind of came back saying, "Hey, we'll work around your schedule. We just want to know if you're interested."

Then probably about two months ago, they came back with like, checking again and saying, "We're thinking about a couple of episodes, and these are the months that we're thinking about, and want to just, again, see if you're into it." And basically we said the same thing, like, "Yeah, yeah." So I imagine at some point the next thing will be something a little bit more final.

Many now think that this is for the 5 episode Flash event.

There has been speculation that Stargirl might be involved since John Wesley Shipp who returns next week as Jay Garrick in The Flash 150th episode is also guest starring in a episode of Stargirl as Jay Garrick in season 2 in a flashback.So some think this Flash 5 episode event will bring Courtney Whitmore over to Earth Prime and the larger Arrowverse revealing the new multiverse to the Arrowverse heroes.

I think Batwoman and Superman are pretty likely to appear in this and possibly White Canary/Sara from Legends.The big question mark is Supergirl/Melissa.The Flash starts filming Season 8 later this month.The end of July.Supergirl wraps season 6 and forever about a week or two into August.This event is the first five episodes of The Flash which means it will be filming probably into September.So if the Flash show wants Melissa and she's willing than having Supergirl involved may be doable.Unlike Cress Williams who moved back to L.A. from Atlanta once Black Lightning wrapped and has to fly up to Vancouver(which is easier since his show is over and L.A. is much closer to Vancouver than Atlanta but he still has to do a two week quarantine),Melissa would still already be in Vancouver.If she is willing to stay in Vancouver a little longer(probably a few more weeks depending on how much of this event she would be in),than once Supergirl wraps,she would only have to do three COVID-19 tests for one week I think and than she could head right over to The Flash set and appear in this event.

We'll see what happens.It would be nice to have Supergirl in one last crossover type story and one final team up with Barry(and maybe even Clark and Sara) in this 5 episode event since COVID-19 prevented it this year and in some ways,the schedule offers the best shot for Melissa to appear if she is open to it..

1)She would already be in Vancouver still vs Cress Williams and Brec Bassinger who have to fly in and do two weeks of quarantine(there has been rumors that Stargirl was moving to Vancouver for season 3 but that's never been confirmed and I think we would know by now if it was).

2)Unlike the other Arrowverse stars minus Cress,she wouldn't have a show that they would have to coordinate filming around like the new seasons Superman & Lois,Batwoman.Legends and Stargirl which all begin filming again around the same time(I've heard Superman & Lois returns to filming in September but season 2 won't be premiering until mid-season).Supergirl would be over and unless Melissa already has something booked that she has to get to immediately,The Flash team doesn't have to work around the shooting of a new Supergirl season.
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