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  4. Tuesday, 25 July 2017
After reading that latest entry was your 1000th post, I looked at your support page, and I wondered, have you ever considered making like some sort of referral deal with a website that sells Geek stuff?

Like, when I go to amazon, it asks me pick a charity so some small percentage of what I buy on amazon will go to that charity. Maybe you could like make a deal that if somebody buys a Supergirl tshirt or figurine at some webstore and they came there via a link from this site, you get something.
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That's an incredibly lovely sentiment and way to approach it, more power to you!
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Hi Thalolli, thanks for the suggestion. We actually did a deal once where users of the site could get 20% off a t-shirt purchase. Rather than getting money from it, we asked that the money be put toward the discount.

Referring folks for a cut of the profit is a nice idea but you may also note, we are staunchly against putting advertisements on our site. It's a fine line to walk I suppose but Kelsey and I have never felt right about trying to make money from this venture. We need support to go to SDCC, pay server fees, help with advertisements, pay for paparazzi photos, and get certain badges for conventions, this is all true. However, we never felt like the site should be a business.

We are fans like you all are. We love doing this and I have often described this whole site and my love letter to the character of Supergirl.

I tried writing my own comic, I have even tried being an illustrator to get my foot in the door in the comic world (you may have seen my speed drawing video of Supergirl in the members section) but I never had any success in those pursuits. My profession is actually as a user experience designer. I have a day job and work on websites for a living. Marrying my skills with the web and my love for Supergirl has created this place, this community, and I don't think I could be happier.

I have had more access to the comic world doing this site than I could have ever imagined. I even had a conversation over a beer with Geoff Johns and Carlos Valdes at an exclusive SDCC party (more on that later).

So as the kids say:

TL/DR: isn't a business, its our love letter and while we do need support, we aren't here to make money. We are here to share our love of the character and the show with fellow fans like you.
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