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  4. Thursday, 19 September 2019
The station...WPIX Channel 11. For 71 years, PIX 11, 11 Alive, TV 11, WB 11 has had only one owner, what would become Tribune.

Well the day has finally come. WPIX has a new owner. That owner is...The EW Scripps Company. And Stewart, that's the company that owns WPTV in West Palm Beach.

Now...there is a Superman link to this. Scripps began its media empire in Ohio. TV came in OH's two biggest of them would be WEWS, named for Edward WIllis Scripps, located in Cleveland, OH, the birthplace of Jerry Siegel, one of Superman's co-creators.

Will PIX 11's CW affiliation be affected? Well the old paint is still drying so to speak. But I would say...very unlikely. This move though makes me miss the days when a late announcer named Doug Paul would growl it seems "This is WPIX New York; A TRIBUNE Broadcasting Station!"
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Call me confused.....but ok.
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