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  4. Thursday, 30 November 2017
Returning to early in season 1, there was a discussion here as to how Kryptonian DNA was very different than ours and implications for Kara dating guys. There was an extensive, vigorous discussion of this matter. Indeed, the discussion was so vigorous as to be one of several reasons that we now have the rules seen at the top this forum to make debate more polite.

Regular DNA is a sequence of four bases, A,T,G, and C, which are read as triplets and tell the part of the cell that is synthesizing a protein which amino acid (a protein is a linear string of amino acids) to attach to the protein next. I noted at the time that there were other bases that you could insert, in addition to A, T, G, and C, and that everything would still work. Why? Regular DNA can code for a maximum of 64 (4x4x4) different amino acids, though it actually codes for 20, with several codes standing for the same amino acid (and, in bacteria, one triplet standing for 'time to take a break')

By adding two new bases, X and Y, a bacteria could code for 6x6x6 = 216 different amino acids with one triplet.

In any event, a significant piece of this new-DNA scheme has now actually been implemented
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For those curious as to the starting point, it was the very first episode, with Alex saying something that began approximately "With your Kryptonian DNA,...".
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