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  4. Friday, 21 December 2018
Happy Friday everyone! Today I am writing as a fellow fan! I've been watching Titans on DC Universe and while it is very different than what we see on the Arrowverse, there are some pretty exciting things coming. If you are watching Titans and haven't finished through episode 11 then spoilers are ahead.

So in the end of the episode, there was a little sneak peek at what's coming next season. We are taken to Cadmus labs, a very different place than the Cadmus we know on Supergirl, where Superboy (a clone of Superman and Lex Luthor) is breaking out of the lab. Before leaving the clone goes and get's his dog Krypto who clearly has powers too!

The whole event and the storytelling is so similar to the Young Justice storyline in season one. Did anyone watch that show? It's one of my all time favorite animated shows. Titans seems to be a live action, and much darker version of that first season show. I think I'm starting to come around and really enjoy it.

On another note, Young Justice is about to return for season 3 on DC Universe. Due to my work with Stargirl ( I've been granted some special press access to WB. While I wouldn't say I've given this next project the same love and care as Supergirl, Batwoman or Stargirl, I have started up and I've really been enjoying the animated styling of that site. I am rewatching seasons 1 and 2 and preparing for season 3. If you're a can come by and check it out.
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