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  4. Tuesday, 27 November 2018

I just found this female re-interpretation of a classic song that played toward the latter half of E4 - S7, Rather The Fallen.

The song "Never Surrender" was originally sung by Corey Hart back in 1985 but has recently been re-interpreted by Rose Cousins and was a perfect addition to the episode's themes and drama.

I've included the YouTube link (hopefully it works). If not, look it up on YouTube - Rose Cousins - Never Surrender. There are at least three different takes available, but the one featuring Supergirl is the most striking.

Enjoy! ;)
"A Picture Of You" - Johnny Reid, from the CD/LP/Download, Revival Live. (2018)
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80's music stands the test of time and of covers. I really like this cover of the song and the video was done very well, too. The creator of it did a nice job in what had to have been a very short amount of time since that was all from this last episode.

Thanks for the link, Romulus!
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Nice, thanks for sharing.
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