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  4. Thursday, 30 January 2020
:D :D

Supergirl, flying at high speed. We see the unpronounceable fellow and a bright flash of light.


Scene, our earth. Vancouver outdoors. It's a Supergirl filming, with the camera well back, catching crew, several not-criminals, etc.. Our Supergirl, Super-Stunt-Double, and our Alex Danvers are well off to one side.toward an open park.

Bright flash of light well above. All look up.

It's a missile. It's a bomb. [It's flying straight down.] We get a flash image of real-SG flying into the ground. Large crater appears. AD to our SG. It looked just like you.
Our SG to SSD: I think you get to do that stunt.
SSD Of course. Any time. to Director: OK, How did you pull off that one?
Director shrugs in bafflement.

Real SG climbs out of crater. Her hair is still perfect. Oh, good, it worked, she says. She pulls a gunlike device and shoots our SG and SSD with some ray.

What? they ask.

Superpower installation ray. says real SG. You are now as Super as I am

AD: This is a television show. There are no superpowers.

Our SG: You can't fly by tapping your heels three times. She taps her heels and shakes her head.

Really? Real SG floats up about ten feet.

Our SG looks down. There is a foot of air gap between her toes and the ground. "Umm, guys? Help?"

SSD looks carefully. "Up, up, and away. " jump. Fortunately for Vancouver, she is above their tallest building when she goes supersonic.

Very briefly later she returns. "Mach 3. Flying Mach 3 is so cool!"

:D :D :D

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